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How to Make Steel Bar Grating: A Complete Guide for You

How to Make Steel Bar Grating A Complete Guide for You

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Steel bar gratings are popularly used in various projects around us. Still, as much as people are interested in having them installed, they also look forward to knowing about the process of manufacture they go through.

  • Making a steel bar grating is not something that could be done in a few hours.
  • It follows an extensive process that starts from looking for suitable raw material and leading it to a finish ready for use.
  • In between, various steps are followed to provide the best outcome of a steel bar grating ready to use in projects.

In this guide below, we have shared extensive details, starting from how you should find the suitable raw material and covering all the steps involved in the process.

So, keep reading it and get to know everything you like to learn about the making of welded bar grating. 

1Locate suitable raw material vendor
2Define design and dimensions
3Cut steel bars for grating
4Stamp and press bars
5Weld grating
6Galvanize or paint black

How to Make Steel Bar Grating: A Complete Guide for You-1

1. Locating the suitable raw material vendor

The raw material is a primary requirement to fulfill when it comes to manufacturing steel bar grating. Steel is the raw material that must belong to the finest quality.

You need to have the steel bands ordered when looking for steel for manufacturing welded bar grating. These steel bands are available in the form of huge coils.

Steel bar grating manufacturers usually have these coils ordered. Then they use it to manufacture their steel bar gratings by changing the size and dimensions according to the requirement.

2. Defining the design and dimensions

The next step after you have sourced the raw material is the task of drafting the design and looking into the dimensions.

The sizes needed for the project would be defined because size accuracy is a must when manufacturing welded bar grating.

The other thing that needs to be considered at this stage is the layout of the steel bar grating, whether a plain steel bar grating or serrated steel bar grating is necessary. Because if serrated steel bar grating is required, it has to be provided with a rough and zig-zag pattern.

In this step, you also need to determine the bar spacing because the entire design will be drafted first, and then eventually, the process of making the steel bar grating will start.

3. Cutting the steel bars for grating

You need to cut down the steel bars according to the required design and dimensions.

To do this, a steel bar cutting machine is used, the bands from the coiled steel are taken out, the desired size is marked over them, and then the sheets are subjected to the cutting machine.

The steel bars are passed through the machine, and when they reach the designated mark, they are cut down.

This provides for the steel bars of the required sizes that are further subjected to the next step. Size is one of the crucial considerations.

Every project needs a different dimension of steel bar grating; hence, according to the project’s requirements, the steel bars need to be cut efficiently and accurately. 

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4. Stamping and pressing the bars

The steel bar grating has two kinds of bars in its making. One is the bearing bar, and the other one is the crossbar.

These bars are fixed together in a perpendicular form to create a grid. Hence, stamping and pressing lead to these bars being pressed into one another with high pressure.

The stamping and pressing machines are used for this step to be carried out. 

The bars are bonded, and a grid-like structure contains the crossbars and the bearing bars.

5. Welding the grating

To make the grating strong, the next step is welding. In this process, the bars are welded further together so that the structure gains more strength, and the bars remain durable in the longer run.

The primary purpose of investing in stainless steel grating bars is their durability and strength. To achieve this, the role played by welding is significant and does a great job of adding that strength and durability.

6. Galvanizing or painting black

Once the structure of the grating is ready, there are two choices. Some projects require the steel bar grating to be used as it is. However, some projects need galvanized or painted steel bar grating.

So, according to the requirement, either the grating is subjected to hot dipped galvanization or is led to the black painting over the structure.

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Factors to take into account when making steel gratings

Manufacturing is a considerable process requiring many things to be kept on a table and assessed.

So, when it comes to making a steel bar grating, a few factors must be considered. Some of the common considerations to have are discussed below:

Quality of the steel

When you look forward to having the best quality stainless steel grating, you cannot neglect the quality of the raw steel.

If the quality of the steel coils you are purchasing is not up to the maker, no matter how much you spend on the best machinery, the output would also be of inferior quality.

So, always ensure that when you buy raw steel, you always inspect the quality and have an idea of the best vendor for the purchase. This will help you produce the best quality steel bar grating.

The purpose of the grating is to handle load and work as a platform, so there is no room for taking the risk of acting with negligence. So, one must always ensure no compromise on quality.

Cost of the raw material

The cost of steel is also one of the primary considerations that cannot be ignored.

When choosing to buy steel, you must always exercise some investigation and determine the price of raw materials from different vendors. Always compare the quality as well when comparing the prices.

You need to act vigilant here because if you spend a lot on the raw material, the other processes also have costs, and you will end up making a costly gating.

So, if the manufacturing cost is high, you won’t be able to cover it while selling the gratings to your clients. Hence, always make a budget and carry out thorough market research.

How to Make Steel Bar Grating: A Complete Guide for You-4

Innovative machinery

There were times previously when metal bar grating was manufactured with no such machinery, and a lot of effort and labor work was involved.

However, gone are those times now, and very efficient machinery has been used for manufacturing. 

  • The cutting machine, which is used for cutting the required size of the bar, could level an uneven edge of the bar
  • Also, it makes the process faster; otherwise, cutting these bars manually will take a lot of time

After cutting the bars, the task of welding them, pressing them, and joining them into a steel grating is also essential.

Robotic machinery is used nowadays for this purpose, and robotic welders help join the bearing and cross bars by welding them into one another very quickly.

This innovation on the part of machinery has allowed businesses to manufacture customized steel bar gratings in significantly less time and with utmost perfection.

So, investing in such machinery is always the best approach.

Safety and security concerns

When making a bar grating, ensure to experience all kinds of preventive measures at the site. The steel bars are heavy.

If they are used for making heavy-duty steel grating, they possess a lot of strength and must be handled very carefully.

The process of making bar grating shall be carried out in an open and large area so that there is enough space to handle the bars carefully, avoiding accidents.

How to Make Steel Bar Grating: A Complete Guide for You-5

Know the application of grating

Always have an idea of the purpose for which the steel bar grating will be used. When you know the application, you use your thoughts accordingly.

Although designing and measuring the dimensions is carried out at an earlier stage, even when further processes tend to take place, knowing the application is essential. 

For instance, if you make a steel bar grating for stairs, you would always look for the serrated material so there is no chance of slipping up the stairs.

Or, if you are making a steel bar grating for the mezzanine floor, you will opt for a heavy-duty steel bar grating that offers a strength-oriented platform that handles load and is capable of being placed as a mezzanine floor.


Steel bar grating is one of the most common things observed in almost every place. Most construction projects involve having them, especially in industries and commercial projects; steel bar grating is used a lot.

Even the cities’ infrastructure is highly dependent on these gratings for their capabilities. So, having them manufactured is a process that requires specific considerations, and when you follow these, you can have them made in no time.

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