Swaged Steel Grating

General Introduction to Swaged Steel Grating

Swaged Steel Grating is a type of steel grating used for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. It is also called a Swage-locked bar grating and Aluminum grating.

Its bearing plates and cross bars are usually manufactured from Aluminum alloy steel. However, other materials, like carbon steel, stainless steel, and galvanized steel, can also be used.

The swaged steel grating is manufactured using a pinching (swaging) process where cross bars are inserted into pre-punched holes on a bearing plate (bearing bars) perpendicularly to form a grid-like design. Later the intersection points are hydraulically pressed to lock the bars into their place.

The pre-punched hole has a diamond shape that prevents the crossbars from twisting or turning, which ensures maximum safety, excellent durability, and increased load-bearing capacity.

Besides, the bearing bars (steel plates) are available in three shapes: T-bar, I-bar, and flat-bar shapes. All these shapes have different weights, load-bearing capacities, and thicknesses that can be useful in various applications.

Swaged steel gratings

Our Hot Swaged Steel Grating

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Flat Bar Swaged Steel Grating

Known for its high durability and strength along with its outstanding aesthetic appeal. Ideal for use as industrial platforms, stair treads, and commercial ceilings and fences.

I-Bar Swaged Steel Grating

Considerably lighter in weight than a flat bar, the I bar swaged Steel grating's affordable price, and equal strength and durability make it ideal for catwalks, walkways, and strain treads.

T-Bar Swaged Steel Grating

With excellent corrosion resistance and slip resistance, these T-Bar Swaged Steel Gratings are widely used in sea environments as platforms and walkways, as well as trench covers used in municipal engineering.

Why Choose Swaged Steel Grating From Chinagaring.Com?

When you choose Swaged Steel Grating from Chinagaring.Com, you choose reliable and durable gratings built to last.

Our swaged steel gratings are made from high-quality materials like Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Carbon Steel, used in manufacturing products for many industrial and commercial settings, including driveways, stairs, fences, or platforms.

Our swaged steel is an ideal choice for any application where durability and strength are important factors—and it won’t rust or corrode over time like other metals might do.

Swaged steel gratings

Types of Swaged Steel Grating

Flat Bar Swaged Steel Grating

The Flat-bar Swaged Steel Grating is manufactured using a swaging process where the cross rods are inserted inside the pre-made holes on the rectangular bars (flat bars) to permanently lock them and create a grid-like structure.

With tightly drawn flat bars and parallel crossbars that keep debris from falling through and high load bearing capacity and resistance to corrosion, our Flat Bar Swaged Steel Grating brings strength, safety, durability, and character when installed in either industrial or architectural applications, including factory floors, catwalks, railing infill panels, platforms, and as Stair Treads.

Our Flat Bar Swaged Steel grating is available in different materials, including Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Powder Coated Carbon Steel, and Galvanized Steel.

Besides, the serrated surface can also be added to achieve a rugged, high-performance, low-maintenance, and slip-resistant product capable of handling pedestrian or vehicular loads.

Flat Swaged steel gratings
I bar Swaged steel gratings

I-Bar Swaged Steel Grating

I-Bar Swaged Steel Grating is our best-selling product as they are lighter in weight and cheaper in price than flat bar swaged steel grating but features the same strength, durability, and aesthetic appearance.

Our I-Bar Swaged Steel Grating is manufactured by inserting cross rods into the pre-punched holes on I shaped Plates and permanently locking them using swaging process.

They come with smooth or serrated surfaces to accommodate different applications, including Platforms, Stair treads, Bridge decking, ceiling, fencing, and decoration grills.

On top of that, clients can choose between different crossbar designs; square-twisted or round, along with grating material, including aluminum, carbon steel, or others. Besides, different types of surface finishes are available, such as mill finish, powder coated, and clear anodized.

T Bar Swaged Steel Grating

T bar swage-locked steel grating is another addition to our steel grating collection. It features round or square twisted cross bars running perpendicularly through T-shaped plates and locked to their place by hydraulic pressing to form a strong, durable, corrosion-resistant, and slip-resistant grid-like structure.

This grating is designed to be a decorative and durable surface for walkways and driveways. Besides, it also provides equal strength load-bearing capacity compared to other types of swaged steel grating, making it usable for building facade systems, ceilings, fences, sunscreens, decoration grilles, and trench cover gratings.

Like our I-Bar and Flat Bar series, our T-bar swaged steel grating can also be customized per the client’s demand. They can choose between materials like aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel and add finishes like mill finish, clear anodized, or powder coated as per their application need.

Besides, they can also alter the bearing bar spacing, while our standard is 1-3/16″ or 15/16″. 

Swaged steel gratings

The Process Flow for Swaged Steel Grating

We at ChinaGratings take every single step seriously to produce high-quality Swaged Steel Grating. Our dedicated and highly skilled team of professionals and state-of-the-art process flow enables us to produce the most durable, strong, aesthetically pleasing swaged steel grating that effectively fulfills our client’s application needs.

Step 1: Design Development

Our design team has a detailed conversation with the client to determine their requirements and suggest the best design for their application. The product’s application and environment, along with dimension, bearing bar spacing, bearing bar size, shape and type (T-bar, I-bar, or Flat bar), weight-bearing capacity, and other relevant factors, are considered to ensure the swaged steel grating is the most durable, affordable, long-lasting and most efficient for the client’s application.

Special customization is also considered, such as surface finishing, surface types, non-standard tolerances, banding, fabrication, notching, cut-outs, toe boards, Stair Treads, etc.

This process usually takes 1 to 2 days.

Design Consultation for steel gratings
Steel gratings raw material

Step 2: Preparing Raw Material

Once the design is finalized, our production team starts to source and prepare the best quality raw material for the swaged steel grating. All the raw material is sourced from a reliable supplier and inspected to ensure the raw material is eco-friendly, sustainable, and of superior quality.

The raw material preparation usually takes 4 to 5 days. However, customized and special material sourcing may take longer.

Step 3: Manufacturing of Steel Grating

The bearing and cross bars, along with other materials, are cut into pieces per design requirements. Besides, the borders of bearing bars are also grooved or serrated if required by the client.

Now, diamond-shaped holes are punched using a machine on bearing bars (plates), whether it be I-bar, rectangular bar, or T-bar.

Next, the cross bars, whether it be round or square twisted, are inserted inside the pre-punched holes of the bearing bars (plates) to form a grid-like structure. This process is also done using machines on the production line.

Later, advanced hydraulic machines are used to exert tons of pressure on the grating structure to lock the bearing bars and cross bars in its place. This process is called swaging.

This step usually takes 5 to 8 days, depending on production quantity.

Dimension check for steel gratings
Packing of gratings

Step 4: Surface Finishing

Once the swaged steel grating structure is complete, the finishing coat is applied per the client’s requirement and primary material. The finishing can be mill finish, clear anodized, or powder coated.

Powder-coated Gray, powder-coated black, or hot-dipped galvanized finishes are usually applied on swaged steel grating made from Carbon Steel. In contrast, Mill finish is the standard coating for Swaged steel grating made from Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or Galvanized Steel as well as Carbon Steel.

This step usually takes three days.

Step 5: Product Finalizing

Once the swaged steel grating is complete, final touches are applied, and the product is thoroughly inspected for any irregularity or defect.

It is ensured that the swaged steel grating produced meets our quality standards.

Upon approval, the product is packaged and shipped to our client.

The finalizing and packing process usually takes three days, while the shipping can take 5 to 45 days per clients’ location and shipping method.

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The Advantage of Our Swaged Steel Grating

The advantage of our 25x3mm galvanized steel gratings is that they are extremely durable and have a long lifespan. Below here’re the advantage of our 25x3mm galvanized steel gratings:

Slip Resistant

Slip Resistant, Corrosion Resistant, Rust Proof, and Guarantees Safety, Strength, Durability, and Character

High Strength-to-weight Ratio

Amazing high strength-to-weight ratio and minimum deflection

Rugged, High-performance

Rugged, High-performance, and Low-maintenance


Affordable, Aesthetically Appealing, and versatile

Quality Certification of Swaged Steel Grating

The Application of Swaged Steel Grating

Swage-locked steel grating is used in various industries for a variety of purposes. These include:

  • Manufacturing: Swage-locked steel grating is used in the manufacturing industry, usually for safety purposes, such as catwalks, walkways, floors, platforms, stair treads, and bridge decking.
  • Construction: Swage-locked steel grating is also used for municipal construction purposes, including bridge construction, building foundations, drain covers, and fences.
  • Commercial and Residential: Swage-locked steel grating can be applied to agricultural purposes as well, including fences, building facade systems, sunscreens, ceilings, decoration grilles, and trench cover gratings.

FAQs For Swaged Steel Grating

A: ChinaGratings, as a swage-locked steel grating manufacturer, follow various standards and best practices, including ASTM, ISO, ANSI/NAAMM (MBG535), EN, etc. It ensures that our products meet their intended use, safety requirements, and performance expectations.

A: We offer the following surfaces for our swaged steel gratings:

  • Serrated surface: Bearing bars features notches to enhance the slip-resistance property, making it ideal for outdoor applications like stairs, floor, and platforms.
  • Smooth surface: Standard plain surface with self-cleaning characteristics makes it perfect for most applications.

A: Generally, we offer Mill Finish as our standard surface finish for swaged steel grating. However, we can also apply powder-coated gray, powder-coated black, or hot-dipped galvanized finishes as per the customer’s requirements.

A: Yes, we can consider the sizes and drawings provided by the customer. We have a highly-experienced and well-trained team of designers and engineers to design and customize the gratings per your application and requirement.

A: Our Swaged steel grating is available in different types, sizes, shapes, materials, and surface finishes. Therefore, it is hard to quote a price without knowing your requirement and application needs. For the latest quotes, send us your requirements.

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