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How to Order Steel Grating? [2022]

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If you are searching for suitable steel grating and considering how to source it, you are at the right place. This article features the complete details about ordering the perfect steel grating you can use in your project.

Ordering Steel grating may be tricky for most people. So many things need to be taken care of, including

  • Choosing the right vendor
  • Having perfect quality
  • Getting a competitive price
  • Other factors

So, here you will get an answer to each of these aspects that must be taken care of when choosing to order a steel grating for your projects.

Let’s read on!

1. What is steel grating, and what are its uses?

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Steel grating, as the name suggests, is a steel platform. This platform is different from the usual platforms because it has a grid-like structure. It is an open grid. The bearing steel bars and cross steel bars are fixed perpendicularly, creating a grid.

This grid is edged with steel bars, which finishes the structure and gives it a purpose for use at different places. It is used in many areas; it is something that can be used for residential purposes and even for commercial purposes.

The steel grating is used for walkways, platforms, stair treads, and fences to handle heavy loads, drainage covers, and ventilation covers.

2. How do you order steel grating for your project?

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When it comes to ordering steel grating for the projects, several things need to be considered. The steel gratings are usually manufactured on order and are customized according to the client’s instructions.

However, some of the steel gratings are available to be ordered off the counter, but most projects need customized versions. So when you have to provide an instruction-based order, it shall be a good idea to follow the specifications given below:

1Material of the grating
2Construction of grating
3Bar spacing and direction
4Finishing and surface of the bar
5Size of the grating

Material of the grating

Gratings are manufactured using different kinds of metals, so you need to specify firstly to the vendor what metal grating you want.

Also, if you are ordering steel grating, you need to inform whether you need a basic or a stainless steel one. The two kinds of steel metals have different purposes and properties; hence depending on your project, specify this.

Construction of grating

The layout consists of the construction of steel grating. Some projects need welded grating, some need press-locked, and some might require heavy-duty steel grating to hold the burden of heavy loads.

So, the layout and construction also need to be defined while ordering steel grating.

Bar spacing and direction

Steel grating is a grid with steel-bearing bars to create a grid structure. So, the space between these bars varies from project to project.

Some projects need more space between the bars, and some need less. So, while placing your order, you have to inform the vendor about the space that you require between the bars and what should be the direction of the bearing bars.

Finishing and surface of the bar

Steel gratings are made using steel metal but are also offered in various kinds of finishings.

Some would be galvanized, some would have a layer of black paint, and some might be mill finished. Depending upon your purpose of use and what finishing you prefer, you place your order for the steel grating.

The steel grating surface also varies depending on whether you need a smooth flat surface or a serrated surface that leads to slip resistance. In some areas where steel grating is used, it is essential to provide slip resistance so that the workers might be safe. So, keeping these factors in mind, you need to place your order for steel grating.

Size of the grating

Size is one of the most important things to inform your vendor about. The accuracy of size and dimensions play a significant role in placing the order for the steel grating.

Hence, when it comes to your projects, make sure to have proper measurements in hand and give them to the vendor so that an accurate size of steel grating can be manufactured for your project.

3. What factors do you need to consider?

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Placing an order for steel gratings to be used in your projects must be carefully sourced.

They have to handle the weight and might provide a platform, so several factors must be considered when ordering them. Some of the most important factors are provided below:

Quality of Material

Even if you are ordering steel grating from different vendors, the quality would be a big concern to be taken into consideration.

The raw steel varies in quality, there are different grades of steel that other vendors use, and obviously, their prices also vary. So, while choosing steel grating for your project, keep an eye on the quality of steel used.

Price Comparison Among Vendors

Every vendor will charge differently depending on their profit margins and the level of quality offered.

So when ordering steel grating for your projects, don’t forget to compare the quality and prices among the different vendors. This could be of great help when choosing a vendor for your purchase.

Purpose of Project

You have to decide your steel grating selection according to your project. For instance, if you have to use steel grating where slipping could be a problem, then choosing a serrated grating is better.

Similarly, selecting a heavy-duty steel grating should be your approach if you are looking for steel grating to keep heavy machinery in the factory. So, depending on your project and use, the selection has to be made.

4. What are the benefits of using steel grating in your project?

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Your project may offer some essential considerations, so when adding steel gratings to our projects, there are various benefits that could add value to your projects. Some of these benefits are shared below:

  • Corrosion-free, so areas subjected to air and water tend to go through corrosion; steel grating could be a suitable fixture for such places. Hence, drain passages and drain covers are usually made using steel gratings.
  • Slip-resistant, especially serrated ones, so in areas where laborers have to work for a longer period, and their safety is needed, a serrated steel grating is a suitable choice.

  • Handling a lot of weight. This is why platforms to hold heavy loads and mezzanine floors are created using them.
  • Durable; hence, when steel gratings are also used in projects, the durability of that project increases.
  • Low maintenance, so if you are using them in your projects you can be assured that you don’t have to spend much on the maintenance of steel gratings.

5. How to install steel grating in your project?

Steel grating can be installed in the project in different ways, and it could be welded, fixed with the fasteners, or through an angle.

1When choosing to weld the steel grating into the project, clean the surface where it is to be welded, determine the welding point at the four corners of the grating, and weld it to the surface of the project.
2In case you are choosing to fix it through fasteners, you will need two clips, one would be the lower clip and the other would be the upper clip. The clips will be fastened between the surface and the steel grating to fix it.
3If you are considering installing angle bars, first you need to install them using screws on the surface, and then the steel grating is slipped in the bars by inserting it in them.

6. FAQs about steel grating

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  • Can steel gratings be customized according to the given sizes?

Ans. Yes, steel gratings are always open for customization, and apart from the standard sizes, these could be created in any size according to the project requirement.

  • Is press-locked grating better or welded grating better?

Ans. Press-locked grating is excellent as far as the appearance is concerned, but since it is not welded, the strength of a welded grating is better.

  • How do plain steel grating and serrated steel grating differ?

Ans. Plain steel grating is a plain and smooth surface that might cause a sloping surface. At the same time, a serrated surface has a rough texture with a zigzag pattern over it and protects from slipping.

  • Which kind of steel grating would suit the mining industry to handle heavy loads?

Ans. in such a case, a heavy-duty steel grating would be the safest and ideal kind of steel grating to opt for because it has an excellent strength-to-height ratio which is a must in such industries where loads are hefty.


As you have gone through a very detailed article above, you must now be aware of how you should order steel grating for your project.

If you follow the above-given tips and carefully purchase the steel grating, you will have a great experience.

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