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How Much Do Welded Steel Gratings Cost? [2022]

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Welded steel grating is one of the most commonly used kinds of grating in several projects around us.

However, you have appeared at the right place to know what a welded steel grating is, how much it costs and what its applications could be. In this article, you will find everything you want to know about these gratings.

How Much Welded Steel Gratings Cost? [2022]

As a quick guide, this table can help you get a rough idea of Welded Steel Gratings prices:

Grating TpyePart NumberBearing Bar SizeConstructionMaterialSurfaceFinishPrice
Welded steel grating19-W-41" x 1/8"WeldedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$27.5
Welded steel grating19-W-43/4" x 3/16WeldedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$34.17
Welded steel grating19-W-41" x 3/16"WeldedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$41.67
Welded steel grating19-W-41" x 1/4"WeldedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$49.67
Welded steel grating19-W-41/4" x 3/16"WeldedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$25
Welded steel grating19-W-43/4" x 1/4"WeldedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$40.33
Welded steel grating19-W-41/2" x 1/4"WeldedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$25
Welded steel grating19-W-43/4" x 1/8"WeldedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$25.17
Welded steel grating19-W-21" x 3/16"WeldedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$44.67
Welded steel grating19-W-21" x 3/16"WeldedCarbon steelSerratedGalvanizedUS$44.67
Welded steel grating19-W-21-1/4" x 3/16"WeldedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$55
Welded steel grating19-W-21-1/4" x 3/16"WeldedCarbon steelSerratedGalvanizedUS$55
Welded steel grating19-W-21-1/2" x 3/16" WeldedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$65.17
Welded steel grating19-W-22" x 3/16"WeldedCarbon steelSerratedGalvanizedUS$84.17

Note:The above prices are for reference only, please contact us for a detailed quote!

Steel grating could be of many kinds; welded bar grating is also one such choice among them. The purpose of each type of grating varies, and when it comes to welded steel grating, it has a different purpose to serve as well.

The price of welded steel grating also varies; it depends on the size of the grating and the layout, the bar spacing, what kind of bars are used, bearing bars or cross bars, the brand is chosen, etc.

If you look at the standard pricing of the welded steel grating, it would cost you around $1300 per ton.

Below you can learn about the welded steel bar grating, ranging from its applications to benefits and the factors on which its price depends. So, keep on reading…

What are welded Steel Gratings, and what are their applications?

Welded steel gratings

Welded steel grating is commonly used in many places; it is manufactured by fusing the bearing and cross bars to create a more robust platform. This kind of grating has several properties like it does not corrode or rust and not slip, and is stronger enough to handle a big load.

Welded steel grating is used for stair treads, drainage covers, drainage columns, and industrial floorings, and many architectural applications could be achieved with this kind of grating.

The welded bar grating is created by providing a permanent joint between the two types of bars, and hence the rigidity of this structure increases.

Categories of Welded Steel Gratings and their Price Ranges

Steel Grating Floor

Welded steel bar grating is available in various types, and each type has a different application and purpose of serving, followed by different price ranges.

Hence, some of the commonly considered categories of welded bar grating made in steel are discussed below:

Serrated and Smooth Surface Welded Steel Grating

The serrated and smooth surface gratings are the two options that are found when considering the kind of surface needed for different platforms.

These two kinds of gratings could be manufactured using carbon or stainless steel. The smooth surface, as the name suggests, is a straight, clear surface that is flat.

However, the serrated surface has some roughness that suits well to be an example of a suitable slip resistance surface. 

Galvanized or PVC coated Welded Steel Bar Grating

You can choose between serrated and smooth surface grating; however, along with the choice of surface, there is a choice of finishing too.

There are two options for finishing: a galvanized surface finish or the PVC-coated one. 

In the case of a galvanized welded bar grating, the hot-dipped surface treatment is given to carbon steel or stainless steel.

However, in the case of PVC-coated welded grating, polyvinyl chloride is used for coating the grating. This makes it last longer and protects against corrosion.

The price range of serrated welded steel grating amounts to around $40 to $50 per square meter, whereas the smooth surface welded steel grating costs $50 to $60 per square meter.

Factors that affect the price of Welded Steel Gratings

The price of everything depends on certain factors; therefore, when it comes to choosing the welded grating made using steel, there are numerous factors that need to be considered.

Some of these determiners are discussed below:

Customization of Grating 

There are always standard bars of grating available to purchase in various sizes. However, still purposes the need for customization of grating does occur.

  • This customization may be in the form of material, certain people would want a welded grating in carbon steel or bare steel and some would like it in stainless steel. 
  • Apart from this, the sizes required may differ, followed by the crossbar and bearing bars, galvanized, PVC coated, and much more.
  • The required thicknesses are also a common consideration that affects the price, and the thicker bars would have higher prices and vice versa.

Hence, the cost would vary accordingly, and this forms one of its most significant determiners.

Purpose of Installation

A welded steel bar grating could be installed for several purposes and has versatile applications. They could be used for minimal purposes like making robust ramps, walkways, passage flooring, or ventilation grates.

In addition, it could cater to significant purposes like industrial plants, forklift traffic, and the construction of bridges. Welded bar grating is one of the best options when a slip-free and strength-oriented structure has to be laid down.

According to its application, it would be designed in terms of length, widths, thicknesses of bars, and the weight this could hold. Therefore, this will also affect the price of this kind of grating.

The benefits of using Welded Steel Gratings

weled steel gratings price

Welded steel gratings are quite beneficial, and many projects constructed based on these gratings or in the projects where such gratings are used proven to be worthwhile.

Some of the benefits that could be made the most of with such gratings have been discussed below:

Variation in Sizes
It can be manufactured in different sizes, so you can easily choose and customize them according to the size you need. It’s possible to adjust its length and width depending on the project you need to use it for.
Variation in MaterialAvailable in various materials. It is not just the raw steel that could be chosen; carbon steel and stainless steel are also present to be selected.
These steel forms are light in weight and hence offer a lot of ease when it comes to installation for different projects.
Options in FinishingCan be finished in various ways; you can have it galvanized, painted black, or coated with polyvinyl chloride.
These added layers also add a touch of protection over these gratings, making them more durable and offer an improved aesthetic appearance.
Supports Multiple ApplicationsThere is no limit to the application of it; itcould be used for major and minor projects without any problem.
The stair treads, ramps, walkways, and passage flooring is one aspect, whereas, in the industry, industrial flooring and industrial plants could also be constructed with the base of this grating.

How to choose the right Welded Steel Gratings for your needs

When selecting the welded steel grating, you are investing in something you expect to use in the long run. Hence, you need to make a relevant decision, and you can follow the below-suggested tips and then make a decision.

  • When you look to invest in these gratings, you will come across numerous companies offering you the best prices, but the right and renowned brand selection matters the most. Make sure to choose a brand that is well known for its quality as well as services to the clients.
  • Always assess the right material, some projects would be suitable with carbon steel bars, but others might not. So, assess the material you need to manufacture grating, keeping in mind your project demands.
  • If you choose welded steel grating for your flooring, ramps, and stair treads, you should look forward to serrated ones. These have more slip resistance than the smooth ones, proving a better option.
  • Make sure that welded steel grating is light in weight and easy to install; this way, you will be saved from a lot of hassle that comes with heavy weights and complex installation.

Where to buy Welded Steel Gratings online or in store

Welded steel gratings in all materials and layouts can be ordered at www.chinagratings.com. Here you will find a choice even to get a customized version of your gratings, with the best quality and economical pricing.

FAQs about Welded Steel Gratings price

1. Are welded steel gratings durable in the long run?

Welded steel gratings are durable; you can use them for years and years when installed once.

2. Will customization of a welded steel grating cost a lot?

It depends; the kind of customization you would like to have will determine the price of the grating.

3. What is the difference between smooth and serrated welded grating?

The serrated grating has a rough path with bars having a zigzag pattern, whereas the smooth grating is all plain and flat. 


Going through this article, your queries regarding the welded steel grating must have been resolved. In addition, your concerns about its pricing would also have cleared.

Hence, consider the purchasing tips suggested above when purchasing this kind of grating so that you always invest in the right choice.

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