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How Much Do Press-Locked Steel Gratings Cost? [2022]

press-locked steel gratings

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Press-locked steel gratings are commonly used in many projects. However, to have an insight into every minor detail about gratings and price, you have landed at the right place. This article covers a detailed analysis regarding the price of press locked grating, its types, and the matters related to the cost.

How Much Do Press-Locked Steel Gratings Cost? [2022]

As a quick guide, this table can help you get a rough idea of Press-locked Steel Gratings prices:

Grating TpyePart NumberBearing Bar SizeConstructionMaterialSurfaceFinishPrice
Press-locked steel gratings19-W-41" x 1/8"Press-lockedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$37.33
Press-locked steel gratings19-W-43/4" x 3/16Press-lockedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$51.17
Press-locked steel gratings19-W-41" x 3/16"Press-lockedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$58.67
Press-locked steel gratings19-W-41" x 1/4"Press-lockedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$69.83
Press-locked steel gratings19-W-41/4" x 3/16"Press-lockedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$17.67
Press-locked steel gratings19-W-43/4" x 1/4"Press-lockedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$58.33
Press-locked steel gratings19-W-41/2" x 1/4"Press-lockedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$18.17
Press-locked steel gratings19-W-43/4" x 1/8"Press-lockedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$31.83
Press-locked steel gratings19-W-21" x 3/16"Press-lockedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$58.67
Press-locked steel gratings19-W-21" x 3/16"Press-lockedCarbon steelSerratedGalvanizedUS$71.67
Press-locked steel gratings19-W-21-1/4" x 3/16"Press-lockedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$91.83
Press-locked steel gratings19-W-21-1/4" x 3/16"Press-lockedCarbon steelSerratedGalvanizedUS$91.83
Press-locked steel gratings19-W-21-1/2" x 3/16" Press-lockedCarbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$109.83
Press-locked steel gratings19-W-22" x 3/16"Press-lockedCarbon steelSerratedGalvanizedUS$142.5

Note:The above prices are for reference only, please contact us for a detailed quote!

Press-locked steel grating is present in numerous construction projects and offers many benefits in terms of its use. However, when choosing this rather bar grating, one of the main concerns is its price.

The standard price of a press-locked grating falls between $40 to $60 per square meter or US$1200 to US$ 1400 per ton. However, this price may also be subjected to variations; the material chosen, size required and purpose served plays an essential role in determining the price.

Make sure to read on! Below in this article, you will find numerous details about the press-locked grating itself, followed by the pricing and types.

What are Press-Locked Steel Gratings, and what are their applications?

Press-locked steel gratings

Creating a press-locked grating requires interlocking the bearing bars and cross bars together. These bars can be either in the form of raw material carbon steel or stainless steel grating. While this kind of grating is created, a grid pattern comes into being.

There are numerous areas where press-locked steel bar grating can be used, and some of these applications are discussed below:

1. Industrial Floors

Press-locked grating has the property of being slip resistant and can hold heavy traffic too. This is a heavy-duty grating and hence proves to be a suitable choice for creating industrial floors.

2. Walkways and Paths

To offer a smooth surface for walking, many walkways and paths where pedestrians are common, these press-locked gratings could be of great use. They are great in rains and when the surface is oily since that is an anti-slip way of movement.

3. Mezzanine Structures

Commercial buildings usually use mezzanine floors to keep stock and handle heavy weights. Hence press locked grating may be a suitable choice for creating these structures. It keeps them strong enough to hold the pressure.

4. Construction of Stair Treads

When stair treads are constructed, one of the major concerns is creating them with a non-slip and durable material in the long run. Hence, press-locked grating could be a suitable option here due to being backed with both these properties.

5. Ramps and Ceiling Panels

Ramps are installed at different industrial and commercial buildings because of loading and unloading stock or to make it convenient for pram usage. Hence, the press-locked grating is a better choice because the slope on the ramp made with such grating does not let it go slippery.

In addition, ceiling panels at different industrial setups could also be made with such gratings, and it proves to give a better look, followed by being a durable choice.

Categories of Press-Locked Steel Gratings and their Price Ranges

Press-locked steel gratings

There are various press-locked grating types used at different locations serving multiple purposes; some of the common grating types include the following:

Flat Press-Locked Grating

The flat press-locked grating has a flat surface and is an anti-slip grating. This kind of grating is straightforward to clean and maintain as well. It could be customized in various sizes and designs and is suitable for platforms where slipping is a problem. Hence, installing this issue of slippery flooring can be eliminated.

Serrated Press-Locked Grating

Serrated surfaces require serrated press-locked grating, and it could be a suitable choice for platforms requiring little inclination. In addition, it is even slip-resistant and hence could be a good choice of surface at many industrial and commercial locations. This kind of bar grating could be customized in different bar thicknesses and made using deeper bearing bars.

The price range of the above two kinds of gratings may fall between $20 to $80, and however, if you choose to customize it in terms of sizes and materials, the price may vary accordingly.

Factors that affect the price of Press-Locked Steel Gratings

The price of press-locked steel grating could have an impact on several things; some of these may include the following:

  • One of the main determiners of the price of press-locked grating is the base material used; the cost of stainless steel grating will be different, the aluminum grating will be different, and the carbon steel bar grating will be different. Therefore, what material you plan to choose will have an impact on the price.
  • The layout you would like would also impact the grating price, and the structure will account for the bearing bar height, bearing bar spacing, and crossbar spacing. This is because these different bars form the press-locked grating as a grid. 
  • If you choose a flat press-locked grating, you will have to pay a different price, and when you select a serrated one, the price will be different.
  • Quality is also a significant determiner of price, same material, same size, and same custom design could have variation in quality, so if you choose the best quality, you will have to pay a premium price.
  • Different brands also have different pricing strategies, and depending on which brand you choose, the price would vary accordingly.

The benefits of using Press-Locked Steel Gratings

Various benefits could be enjoyed by choosing press-locked grating; a few of these benefits are discussed below:

Improved Safety

Press-locked grating is a better choice than other forms of gratings. It allows you to have a proper finished surface, which is slip-free and has no loose ends or sharp edges. 

Long Term Durability

Press-locked bar grating products are constructed by interlocking the sheets of steel together, making them very durable. Therefore, there is no chance of this wearing out easily and hence offers a long-term solution.

Easy to Maintain

These press-locked gratings are very simple and easy to clean and maintain. You do not have to spend hours cleaning, nor do you have to worry about the sheets wrapping or breaking.

Various Applications

Press-locked grating has versatile applications; it could be used as platforms, flooring, ramps, stair treads, ceilings, and much more, so there are many projects where you can safely use them.

Cost Effective Option

Press-locked grating is an economical option compared to other kinds of gratings, and the best part is that it will last longer, so your cost would be economically covered over its life.

Suitable for Environment

Press-locked gratings made with steel offer a very suitable choice in protecting the environment. These gratings can easily be recycled; hence, they do not damage the environment. Therefore, when you choose them for your projects, you can rest assured that you are not leaving any carbon footprint.

How to choose the suitable Press-Locked Steel Gratings for your needs

It is imperative to select suitable gratings for your projects, and this you can do by following the below-suggested tips.

  • Always look forward to safety. It is essential to select the gratings that offer maximum protection, people would be walking on it, or it would be installed as a ceiling, and losing on its part could be life-threatening, so always look forward to this aspect.
  • Focus on the quality of press-locked grating, too. The compromise on quality would always be a problem in the long run because if the quality is not good, the grating will wear out earlier than needed and cause a lot of trouble in the longer run.
  • Always measure the right size; when choosing any grating, appropriate measurements are necessary to make your project successful.
  • Always check for the grating to have the right bar spacing as well; this has a serious impact on the durability of the grating and if you look forward to customization, make sure to assess the feasibility of customized grating as well.

Where to buy Press-Locked Steel Gratings online or in store

You can always contact www.chinagratings.com for the right press-locked steel grating. Here you will find the best quality gratings with plenty of customization and size options followed by an affordable price. So, check out the website and grab the suitable grating for your projects today.

FAQs about Press-Locked Steel Gratings price

1. Is customized press-locked grating costly?

Ans. The press-locked grating price depends on the size and material, so that would vary irrespective of customization.

2. Why are press-locked gratings preferred over other kinds of gratings?

Ans. Press-locked grating is more durable and robust than other gratings; hence, it is offered in many projects.

3. Do different types of press locked gratings cost differently?

Ans. Yes, depending on the type of press-locked grating you choose, the price of these would vary.


You must now be aware of every detail about the pressed locked grating, how and where you can use these, and what benefits they offer you. The price range and everything must be cleared for you to make a sound decision regarding your upcoming projects. One of the most important aspects here is to follow the tips suggested above to make the proper press-locked grating selection.

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