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How Much Do Stainless Steel Grating Cost? [2022]

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Stainless steel grating is an essential part of most construction projects.

If you are also in the same business, you must look forward to having all the details about this kind of grating.

Well, in this article, all the questions you have in mind will be answered, so read through this!

How Much Stainless Steel Grating Cost? [2022]

As a quick guide, this table can help you get a rough idea of Stainless Steel Gratings prices:

Grating TpyePart NumberBearing Bar SizeMaterialSurfaceFinishPrice
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-41" x 1/8"Stainless steelSmoothMill FinishUS$85.35
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-43/4" x 3/16Stainless steelSmoothMill FinishUS$111.9
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-41" x 3/16"Stainless steelSmoothMill FinishUS$136.8
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-41" x 1/4"Stainless steelSmoothMill FinishUS$169.2
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-41/4" x 3/16"Stainless steelSmoothMill FinishUS$44.55
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-43/4" x 1/4"Stainless steelSmoothMill FinishUS$138.6
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-41/2" x 1/4"Stainless steelSmoothMill FinishUS$45.6
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-43/4" x 1/8"Stainless steelSmoothMill FinishUS$71.4
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-21" x 3/16"Stainless steelSmoothMill FinishUS$136.8
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-21" x 3/16"Stainless steelSerratedMill FinishUS$146.1
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-21-1/4" x 3/16"Stainless steelSmoothMill FinishUS$194.55
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-21-1/4" x 3/16"Stainless steelSerratedMill FinishUS$194.55
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-21-1/2" x 3/16" Stainless steelSmoothMill FinishUS$225
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-22" x 3/16"Stainless steelSerratedMill FinishUS$285.9

Note:The above prices are for reference only, please contact us for a detailed quote!

When it comes to purchasing a stainless steel grating, one of the main concerns is the cost; it varies among different materials.

There are various applications of stainless steel grating, which serves many purposes in strengthening structures.

The stainless steel grating could range from around $40 to $60 per square meter.

This price could differentiate if you purchase from a different brand or vendor and need a different size, bar thickness, bar spacing, or if you get this grating customized.

If you look at the standard pricing of the stainless steel grating, it would cost you around $1800 per ton.

Keep on reading! We have laid down some essential details about a stainless steel grating that will significantly help you.

What is Stainless Steel Grating, and what are its applications?

Steel gratings

Stainless steel gratings are platforms manufactured through stainless steel and may either be hot-dipped galvanized or painted; these have bearing bars welded together to make a grid.

This grid could withstand a lot of pressure and weight; hence, its application is found in places where rigid structures are constructed.

There are plenty of applications for stainless steel grating; some of these may include the following:

The Ceiling of Stainless steel grating

Stainless steel gratings offer to provide for a solid and heavy-duty ceiling.

These ceilings are primarily found in the vast exhibition halls, airports, tobacco companies, stadiums, industrial plants, docks, and other commercial setups.

Walkways and Stair Platforms

Numerous walking platforms and stairs could also be created using stainless steel grating.

Many residential and commercial setups require ramps for pedestrians; even pedestrian bridges are also manufactured using stainless steel grating.

Floor Platforms

The floor platforms are constructed using stainless steel grating in mining, manufacturing, and chemical manufacturing industries.

These are rigid and hence safe. They have very easy maintenance and cleaning, making them suitable for application in such industries.

Categories of Stainless Steel Grating and their Price Ranges

There is a lot of variety in the stainless steel grating that could be chosen according to the structure needed and the load required to be pulled off.

Some of the commonly considered categories are discussed below:

stainless steel grating

Welded Stainless Steel Grating

As the name suggests, welded stainless steel grating has cross bars and bearing bars welded together by being fused.

This kind of grating is different in bar spacing; the space between the bars may vary between 3 inches to 19 inches, depending on the client’s requirement.

This kind of stainless steel grating is around $20 to $25 depending upon the brand, quality and size chosen.

Swage Locked Stainless Steel Grating

The swage locked stainless steel grating, also known as, SLS grating, comprises hollow tube bars; these are crossbars and punched in the bearing bar.

Holes already punched in the bearing bars make it easier to fix these bars together and make a grid.

These are commonly used in the public entrance areas where entrance mats are constructed.

Swage locked stainless steel grating has a price varying between $20 to $100 per square meter.

Dovetail Stainless Steel Grating

In the case of dovetail grating made of stainless steel, deep bars are used in rectangular, and these are featured with variations in the spacing.

It can depend upon the purpose. These gratings are quite popular in architectural applications where structures and sunscreens are created.

It has a price range of around $6.5 to $7.5 per square meter, and as the size changes, the price will vary.

The above-discussed stainless steel gratings are open to being customized in terms of size and even texture.

These could also be galvanized by treated them with hot dipped metal as a coating to add more durability.

Factors that affect the price of Stainless Steel Grating

The price of everything is dependent on certain factors, which are responsible for the change and fluctuation of the cost of stainless steel grating.

When it comes to having an insight into such factors, a few of the common ones are discussed below:

Price of Raw Stainless Steel

The price of stainless steel in raw form is the main determiner of the grating price as well.

If the cost of raw stainless steel increases, the grating price will also increase, and if the price of raw stainless steel decreases, the price of gratings will also decrease. 

Thickness and Bar Spacing

There are many different bars available when it comes to stainless steel grating.

These bars differ in terms of thickness, and the grid has a different bar spacing for different kinds of gratings.

The thicker a grating bar is, the pricier grating would be. In addition, if less space is left between the bars to make a grid, more bars will be needed, and the price will increase.

Therefore, the role played by these two aspects is a very common one when it comes to stainless steel grating.

Purpose of Installing Stainless Steel Grating

The application of the stainless steel grating also tends to determine the price.

Every application differs, and when you need the grating for heavy-duty purposes, you will need a different kind, and for lighter duty, a different kind, so the prices would also vary in this case.

stainless steel grating price

The benefits of using Stainless Steel Grating

Choosing stainless steel grating could be of great advantage; some of the benefits that many people make the most of include the following:

Strength and Rigidity

When comparing different metals in terms of strength, stainless steel takes the lead.

Therefore, when you choose a stainless steel grating, you know that it proves to be a suitable choice to provide you with strong structures and platforms.

Doesn’t Corrode

Stainless steel has various properties, of which corrosion resistance is also one, and these amounts to be the essential property a metal would have.

Due to this property, structures contracted outdoors and are subject to moisture, and varying climatic conditions stay the same in the long run.

Open to Customization

Stainless steel grating is open to customization; it can easily be customized regardless of size, thickness, or bar spacing.

The next best thing is that it can also be galvanized, so if any of your projects require galvanized stainless steel grating, you can easily have it customized.

Variety of Sizes

There are various sizes from which selection could be made and one may get any length and any width that is according to the required project.

This aspect of stainless steel grating makes sit viable for numerous construction-based objects, be it flooring, stair threads, or platforms.

No Impact of Fire and Heat

Stainless steel has several favorable properties that make it durable in the same way; it is also resistant to fire and heat.

Therefore, in case of the worst climatic conditions or any incident associated with fire, it will remain intact without causing any problem or breakage.

How to choose the right Stainless Steel Grating for your needs

If you start looking for stainless steel gratings, you will find numerous options in this regard, and there are many options in terms of sizes, brands, and even price ranges.

Here are a few things that you should take into account when choosing this grating, and some of these are provided below:

  • Make sure to select the best brand; that might cost you a little more, but the best part would be that it would also allow you to have a stress-free solution; the quality of the stainless steel would be worth the investment. 
  • Try to conduct market research for price analysis; this will give you an idea of the prevailing market rates, and you will be able to decide your budget.
  • Always measure the correct size; the right size will only be the right solution for installing the grating; in cases where the length is messed up, the purpose of your purchased grating will be destroyed.
  • Every application needs different bar spacing as well as thickness. Hence, make sure that you have assessed your purpose beforehand so that you always invest in the suitable stainless steel grating capable of handling the load you need to put over it.

Where to buy Stainless Steel Grating online or in store

You can always check out www.chinagratings.com to choose the best stainless steel gratings for all your projects.

You can get customized gratings for your projects that will be durable and economical.

FAQs about Stainless Steel Grating price

  1. Is there a price difference between stainless steel and carbon steel grating?


Yes, the price of the material itself varies, and therefore the price of the grating will also vary.

  1. Does the size of the grating have an impact on the price?  


Yes. Depending upon the size you invest in, the grating price would vary; the more significant the size, the higher the price, and vice versa.


Now, since you have gone through this article, everything about stainless steel grating will have been cleared in your mind, and make sure to follow the suggested tips before you purchase these gratings for your projects.

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