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What Can Steel Gratings Do in an Oil Refinery?


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Every industry in the world has a different set of prerequisites that it follows and makes sure to implement for feasibility. However, let’s move an eye on an oil refinery or a factory that stores oil after extraction. There must be several things factories would ensure in their setups and construction, which are significant for their existence.

Steel grating implementation is also one such thing that proves to be an essential part of their structure. Steel gratings are used widely for various purposes and serve most industries because of their excellent and practical properties.

So, when it comes to oil storage factories and refineries, their presence can never be neglected as this proves to be a primary consideration of their structure. In such factories, steel grating may be used as a part of stairs, walkways, platforms, fences, and even slopes.

Why choose steel grating for an oil refinery?

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Everyone knows that the setup of an oil refinery is quite unique. It is no simple setup; instead, it has heavy containers, massive pipes, and heavy-loaded machinery. The nature of this business and industry demands all this; hence, to support such equipment, the right platforms and structures need to be in place.

A steel grating offers excellent support for a longer life span. It is capable of holding the weight of oil tanks that are pretty huge and heavy and also provides a durable and high-strength platform and walkway for operations and staff to carry out their jobs properly.

In an oil refinery, the platforms are usually at a height. Hence, these steel gratings are used as a stairway, fences, and slopes so that reaching those heights to examine the operations becomes more accessible for those working there.

Steel gratings are also anti-explosive; the oil industry is hazardous; hence, materials and structures that resist explosions are selected; therefore, steel gratings are a better choice here.

The entire structures of the oil refineries are created using steel gratings because they provide customization and a high level of flexibility. Anything and everything can be manufactured with the help of these grids, and these are very commonly seen at oil factories.

Also, since these are slip-resistant, the risk of falling is significantly less if oil spills. These factors are essential to consider for the safety of workers present and working in such places.

How is steel grating helpful in an oil refinery?

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A steel grating is a grid made of steel bars that serves multiple purposes and industries. However, the use of such gratings in the structures of an oil refinery is prevalent because these have been of much help. Some of the ways it proves to be helpful in an oil refinery comprise the following aspects:

  • The first and foremost aspect of having steel grating in an oil refinery is that it is highly durable. It won’t wear out quickly and can handle heavy loads of equipment and containers.
  • The second thing that makes it a beneficial structure used in oil refineries is its anti-slip and explosion resistance properties. So, regarding the safety concern, it appears to be an ideal choice to implement.
  • Cleaning this refinery is a piece of cake. No professional cleaning is needed, and simple washing could do away with the job. The best part is that there is no requirement to spend on maintenance.
  • It has a natural drainage function that helps keep anything from accumulating over it, so neither dust nor water stays behind and is drained right away.

Main kinds of steel gratings used in oil refinery

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Steel gratings vary in types, ranging from material, finishing, shape, and kind. So when it comes to the kinds of steel grating, there are two options: plain steel grating or serrated steel grating.

Plain steel grating is a simple, flat steel grating used for various platforms and may be used in oil refineries to make walkways and fences on the sides of the platform.

As far as serrated steel gratings are concerned, these are commonly used for creating stairs, also platforms where oil spills are usual. This kind of steel grating is used because its serrated surface makes it easier to avoid slipping. Serrated gratings are opted for to give added safety to the platforms and stairs.

There are two choices of materials as well when choosing steel grating; carbon steel or stainless steel is one of the most opted choices. Also, the carbon steel grating may be subjected to an added finishing, either as a hot dipped galvanized, electroplating, or paint, depending upon the requirement.

Applications of steel grating in oil refinery

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There are plenty of areas where steel grating is used differently in an oil refinery, and some of the common applications that you can find there are provided below:

  • Platforms and walkways in the oil refinery where most equipment and storage are placed are manufactured using steel grating. They provide easy and safe access to the workers to carry out their jobs.
  • Stairs to climb to the platforms are also manufactured using serrated steel gratings, one of the safe and slip resistance means to reach heights in an oil refinery.
  • The fences surrounding the platforms are also manufactured using a steel grating as it is a tough, safe, and strength-oriented option.

Apart from the common applications, steel gratings are also used in oil refineries where a slope is needed, and such slopes may be made out of these gratings. Also, the drainage closures are subjected to the same making.


Steel gratings are present in every industry, but their use and capabilities for oil refineries are commendable. An oil refinery is a very distinct kind of industry where having the proper structure counts a lot; hence, the strength needed by such structures is only provided by steel grating.

It is always the best approach to choose steel grating for such structures in an oil storage factory or oil refinery because of its ease and added benefits. This will make work and storage more accessible and safe.

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