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Where to buy steel gratings?[2022]

Serrated steel gratings

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If you are in the construction industry or even if you are not in the construction industry but require steel grating for your house, store, factory, or any other purpose, you must be looking for an ideal place to order it. Isn’t it?

Steel gratings are pretty popular and offer excellent strength to various surfaces. These are primarily used in constructing several types of platforms, but selecting a suitable steel grating is a must!

If you are in search of steel grating suppliers for your projects, you can choose the different B2B platforms or even order directly from the steel grating manufacturers offering online purchases.

Compare the different available options based on the price and quality so that you can make the right decision.

This guide features every single detail that you would like to know about the top vendors before you order your steel gratings.

If you want to know more about different available options for purchasing steel gratings, you have landed at the right place, keep reading and make your purchase today!

1. Grainger


Grainger is one of the leading suppliers of several construction products.

It was founded in 1927 in Chicago, and its existence aimed to supply people all over the globe with the required industrial equipment and construction materials.

It is an online platform that offers a variety of steel grating available to be ordered immediately.

They have a massive list of steel gratings, and you can choose whether you need plain or serrated steel grating for your projects.

There are different sizes listed down, and you can select the size you require from the checklist. Each size and style is labeled with a price at the front; hence, you can easily order the one that suits your budget.

Grainger is an online platform that offers an admirable quality of steel gratings.

If you are investing in ordering from here, you can rest assured that you will have suitable quality material.

Every steel grating they have in stock is first passed through several inspection tests conducted by Grainger, and after Grainger has approved them, these are up for purchase by people from the website.

Grainger provides every detail you would like to know about steel grating.

The bar spacing, the color of the grating, the thickness of the steel bar, and everything you would want to learn to ensure that you order the suitable grating is displayed.

2. Metals Depot

Metals Depot is an online store where you can buy steel gratings that are of the best quality. This online store is a global supplier, irrespective of your location.

It would allow you to place your order for the steel gratings, pay using different payment methods, and specify a delivery time for you.

Various kinds of steel grating are available in different styles and sizes. You can choose the size you need according to your project requirement.

The best part is that you don’t have a simple steel grating option only. You can even get galvanized grating as well.

Also, they offer customization services of cutting, sawing, and even shearing for their clients.

There is a vast inventory available at the disposal of Metal Depot, and you can choose the kind of steel grating you need; while ordering, you are asked to select the required size, followed by specifying the quantity. Y

ou get your order right in time, and that too very conveniently. Metals Depot has been serving in more than 100 countries and has a very strong team behind it.

They ensure that the quality is up to international standards and that their steel gratings meet the criteria of safety.

The steel gratings offered by Metals Depot can be used to serve various purposes, no matter if you need to construct stair treads or you need to create a platform for the mezzanine floor.

You can always order at Metals Depot and get an affordable price quote.

3. Amazon


Who doesn’t know Amazon, one of the giants in the online shopping industry?

Do you know that you can even have steel gratings ordered from Amazon for your construction-based projects?

Amazon is one of the most reliable platforms that has been operational for a long time and is known for selling the best products.

The process of purchasing steel gratings from Amazon is relatively quite simple.

You can choose from the available options and order your gratings directly from the website.

Amazon has a stock of various kinds of gratings in its warehouse, which are also in different sizes.

Amazon always ensures that its clients get premium quality; hence, you can rely entirely on it.

Many people even share their reviews after purchasing from Amazon.

This will give you an idea of the quality and their experience so that you can also make a better decision. Amazon is a famous marketplace that allows products to be delivered to your doorsteps quite conveniently.

You can easily place your order by choosing whether you need press lock grating, welded grating, serrated grating, or galvanized grating, followed by the size you need.

Once you have placed your order, you will have your grating delivered, and you can comfortably resume your construction process in no time.

4. McNichols


McNichols is a well-known name in the metal industry of Florida. It started in 1952 and since then has been known to provide the finest metal products.

So, if you need good quality steel grating, you can contact McNichols. They are the pioneers and have a variety in terms of layout, sizes, and bar thickness.

This company offers its clients various finishing services, too. You can have galvanized steel bar grating, serrated steel grating, press-locked steel grating, and even welded one.

There is always room for customization, no matter if you need to customize the grating’s size, layout, or finishing.

There are plenty of options available from which you can choose and if you want something totally according to your choice you can also order that.

McNichols has trained and experienced professionals offering their services in the manufacturing of these steel gratings.

The best part is that the factory has a prevalent methodology that works wonders when delivering the best outcomes.

The company has its headquarters in Florida and branches spread all over the United States.

Construction businesses in the U.S. highly depend on McNichols and usually consider purchasing metal products from this company.

It holds a very high value because of its excellent service and product, followed by consistent research and development.

The vast warehouses of McNichols allow for storing the finished products for quick delivery.

McNichols always ensures that the products ordered by clients are provided to them with minimal lead times and on the committed dates.

5. SUNJ Grating Limited

Stainless steel gratings manufacturer

SUNJ Grating Limited is one of the icons and a leading manufacturer of steel gratings in China.

The supply of steel gratings from this company is not only limited to the extent of cities in China only.

They are the global suppliers of steel gratings. Whether in the USA, Australia, Philippines, Netherlands, India, or any corner of the world, you can source steel grating for your projects from here without any kind of hassle.

SUNJ Grating Limited has been in the business since 2006.

In this span of 15 years, they have sourced various projects where steel gratings are used for different purposes.

The best part is that you can have your steel grating customized depending on your project requirement. No matter if you need stair treads made out of it or a platform for walkways, you can order the size and layout depending on your requirements.

SUNJ Grating Limited is a company that keeps working hard to ensure high-quality standards are maintained within the company, ensuring the best product and an eye on the manufacturing processes. Moreover, they also ensure that continuous research and development takes place so that new and improved technologies could be used to provide the best outcome to the linnets.

At the warehouse of SUNJ Grating Limited, plenty of steel grating orders rest as they are ready and dispatched to the clients ensuring their safety and timely delivery.

Being a certified steel grating manufacturer in China, SUNJ Grating Limited employs hardworking and experienced professionals thoroughly trained by the company.

They aim to deliver the best quality and competitive price.

Plenty of steel gratings are offered here: galvanized steel grating, press-locked steel grating, stainless steel grating, welded steel grating, and many more.

Depending on your project requirement, you can quickly grab the most suitable steel grating available or have it customized for your project.


Choosing the steel grating supplier is always challenging, but if you follow the guide shared above, you can make the most of different suppliers and manufacturers.

There are various kinds of steel gratings and their layouts that you can get for your projects.

You can conveniently choose them for other purposes, like constructing platforms, stairs, handrails, etc, and have your projects completed with these steel gratings.

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