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6 Common Types of Welded Steel Gratings

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Welded steel gratings are one of the most popular materials used in the construction and manufacturing industries due to their high strength and resistance to corrosion. They feature a series of parallel, longitudinal bars that are welded or mechanically locked together at each intersection.

The resulting steel grating pattern creates an efficient drainage system, making them perfect for outdoor applications such as walkways, ramps, catwalks, and stairways.

The 6 common types of welded steel gratings are:

  • Flat-type welded steel grating
  • Serrated-style welded steel grating
  • Stainless welded steel grating
  • Carbon welded steel grating
  • Galvanized welded steel grating
  • Painted welded steel grating

In this article, we will provide information about the 6 common types of welded steel gratings and their applications.  

What is welded steel grating?

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Welded steel grating is a structural component that consists of a series of parallel bearing bars, joined together at various intervals by crossbars or connecting bars. The combination creates an open grid pattern. It is typically used as walkways, platforms, and stair treads in industrial settings due to its durability and strength. Its open design also allows for drainage or light penetration.

Additionally, welded steel grating can be customized with a variety of finishes and coatings to enhance the appearance and prevent corrosion in harsh environments.

Other benefits include easy installation, minimal maintenance, safety features like anti-slip surfaces, and good load capacity. Ultimately, welded steel grating provides superior performance when compared to other traditional materials such as wood and concrete.

6 Common types of welded steel grating

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  • Flat-type welded steel grating

Flat-type welded steel grating is a type of metal material that has been welded together to form a rectangular or square grating pattern. This method of construction offers exceptional strength and durability, as well as allowing for easy installation and maintenance.

Flat-type welded steel grating also provides excellent slip resistance, making it suitable for use in areas where there is high foot traffic or wet conditions. Additionally, the open design allows for air circulation and light penetration, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications.

It is available in multiple bar sizes, so you can find the perfect solution for your particular needs. With its ease of installation and superior strength, flat-type welded steel grating is an ideal choice for many projects.

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  • Serrated-style welded steel grating

Serrated-style welded steel grating is an ideal material for walkways, platforms, stairways, and other applications where open space and excellent drainage are needed. It features a serrated surface that provides added slip resistance in areas of slippery conditions or when large amounts of oil or grease may be present on the floor.

The serrations also help improve air circulation, making it suitable for ventilation applications. Additionally, its rigid construction provides excellent strength and durability to ensure long-term service life even with heavy use.

This type of grating can also be used in areas exposed to high temperatures or harsh weather conditions due to its superior corrosion resistance properties. Serrated-style welded steel grating is available in various bar sizes and spacings to suit each application.

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  • Stainless welded steel grating

Stainless welded steel grating is a highly corrosion-resistant type of metal grating. It is ideal for applications where heavy loads and exposure to corrosive environments are an issue.

The open design offers excellent drainage, ventilation, and slip resistance, while the non-perforated surfaces allow easy cleaning and reduced the risk of contamination in food processing facilities.

Stainless welded steel grating is designed with a series of bearing bars that are joined together by welding them at every intersection point. This creates a strong, reliable structure that can carry heavier load capacities than many other types of flooring systems.

Additionally, the welded connections provide greater strength and durability than mechanically fastened or bolted options and make it easier to install.

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  • Carbon welded steel grating

Carbon welded steel grating is a type of metal bar grating that is made from carbon steel. It is ideal for applications where strength and durability are important, such as walkways, platforms, stairs, and catwalks.

The construction of the grating involves welding together multiple metal bars to form a grid-like structure that offers superior structural integrity and load-bearing capacity.

This heavy-duty material is resistant to corrosion and wears, making it suitable for use in harsh environments. Carbon welded steel grating also provides good ventilation and drainage, making it well-suited for commercial and industrial applications.

Furthermore, by choosing the right bar spacing, this type of grating can be used to meet pedestrian or vehicular traffic requirements.

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  • Galvanized welded steel grating

Galvanized welded steel grating is a kind of metal grating made from carbon steel or stainless steel. It is used in many applications, including walkways, drainage covers, ventilation grates, and stair treads. It is usually hot-dip galvanized for corrosion protection and improved durability.

The surface can also be painted for better visibility and aesthetic appeal. The unique design of the crossbars allows for air, light, heat, and sound to pass through while providing a non-slip walking surface.

Galvanized welded steel grating is a reliable choice as it offers maximum strength and durability with minimal maintenance requirements. It has excellent load-bearing capacity even when subjected to extreme temperatures or harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, or heat.

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  • Painted welded steel grating

Painted welded steel grating is an effective and economical solution for many industrial flooring applications. It is made up of two pieces of flat steel that are connected with cross bars, creating an open grid structure. This makes the grating strong and durable, while still allowing air, light, and liquids to pass through.

In addition to its strength and durability, painted welded steel grating also provides an aesthetically pleasing look due to its attractive paint finish. The paint finish can be customized to suit any application or environment.

Painted welded steel grating is commonly used in factories, warehouses, walkways, driveways, stairwells, docks, and more. Its versatility makes it perfect for a wide range of residential and industrial applications.

The applications of welded steel gratings

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Welded Steel gratings are a versatile material and can be used in a wide range of applications. They are commonly used for platforms, walkways, stairs, ramps, fencing, air filtration systems, window guards, and vehicle grilles.

Welded steel gratings come in different sizes and styles to accommodate the specific needs of each project. They also offer superior strength and stability compared to other types of grating materials. Their anti-slip surface ensures safe footing even when wet or oily.

In addition to these benefits, welded steel gratings require minimal maintenance and have a long lifespan due to their corrosion-resistant finishes. Welded steel gratings are an ideal choice for any application where durability and strength are essential.


Welded steel grating offers an economical and durable solution for many applications. It is resistant to corrosion, fire, and other environmental conditions, making it a suitable choice for both indoor and outdoor projects. Its open design also allows for easy access to the substrate beneath it, which can be beneficial in certain types of industrial settings.

It is relatively simple to install and requires minimal maintenance over time. With their strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness, welded steel gratings are an excellent option for a variety of construction needs.

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