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What is a Steel Grating Drilling Platform?

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Steel grating is used for manufacturing various things like walkways, ventilations, drainage systems, stairs, and even platforms. The oil and natural gas companies are highly dependent on steel gratings for their platforms.

What is a steel grating drilling platform?

The steel grating drilling platform is a rigid platform with a heavy-duty layout and is made using steel bars. A steel grating is a structure that is created in the form of a grid, and this grid comprises cross bars and bearing bars welded or press-locked together.

A steel grating drilling platform is a large platform made using steel grating capable of being installed in the middle of the sea to extract oil and natural gas. The steel grating drilling platform handles the weight of enormous drilling machines that keep on extracting oil and natural gas while also proving to offer stability under rough sea conditions.

Such a platform not only supports offshore drilling of oil and natural gas but, at the same time, also offers a space for storing the extracted oil until it is brought to the shore. Staff and laborers who work for oil plants also stay over these platforms, and due to the durability offered, steel grating is chosen for such platforms.

Why is steel grating chosen for the drilling platform?

drill platform

In an oil rig, such a platform is standing in the middle of the sea and hence faces rough weather and sea conditions now and then. There are storms, rains, and various other climatic changes; therefore, the structure needs to be strength oriented and durable.

Therefore, a steel grating drilling platform is an ideal choice in this case because it is anti-corrosive, offers slip resistance, and is anti-skid. Also, huge pipes are installed on the platform so that a drilling platform can handle its weight.

A platform for the oil rig has many things going on; vast gallons of oil are kept for storage that has weight. People working on the rig are moving around, so a safe platform is also needed for them. Therefore a steel grating drilling platform is a better choice since it can handle such harsh conditions effectively.

Characteristics of steel grating drilling platform

The characteristics of a steel grating prove to be a common reason that makes it suitable for drilling platforms; some of these characteristics are provided below:

  • A steel grating drilling platform is a lightweight choice for such places. However, despite being lightweight, its capability to offer strength remains intact. Hence heavy oil barrels and heavy drilling equipment can easily be adjusted over it without any wear and tear.
  • No matter how harsh the weather is and for how long such extreme conditions continue, the durability of a steel grating drilling platform is unquestionable. It stays the same as it is installed without any wear and tear and neither rusts nor corrodes.

Even the welded areas remain intact and hence are a secure option for standing in the middle of the ocean.

  • It looks nice, the aesthetic appeal it has in its structure cannot be denied, and it gives a very nice and fascinating look to the entire oil rig.
  • The maintenance and cleaning of such platforms are pretty straightforward. One can easily wash them off using water, and they won’t get damaged. Also, the maintenance is negligible and does not demand much expense or investment.
  • One of the significant risks that are possessed by oil rigs is the risk of explosion. However, if a steel grating drilling platform is used, this risk is eliminated since it is an explosion-proof option.

Which type of steel grating surface is suitable for a drilling platform?

Steel grating has two main kinds of surfaces to choose from: a plain surface and a serrated one. Choosing a plain surface for a steel grating drilling platform may not be very good because this platform is used where oil supplies are extracted.

Oil is a slippery thing and despite the fact that it will be collected in the barrels there is a chance of spill on the surface. Moreover, the platform will be standing in the middle of the sea; hence, moisture and water will also be there, so slipping will always be a risk. Therefore, the best idea is to opt for a serrated surface in such a situation.

A serrated surface of the steel grating drilling platform will ensure that a person does not slip while moving around and hence offers a safety measure to the workers moving around on the platform.

What kind of steel grating must be opted for, a drilling platform, heavy-duty or light-duty steel grating?

drill platform

A heavy-duty steel grating would prove to be a better choice when it comes to choosing a drilling platform. Since the heavy drilling machines will be working to extract oil from the earth, it will be standing in very rough conditions. Hence, these grating platforms must be sufficiently capable of handling enough pressure.

Light-duty steel grating is also used in the platforms, suitable as walkways in parks or other factories. In the case of a drilling platform, a heavy-duty steel grating will be a better option to handle the pressure and withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

Applications of steel grating drilling platform

Steel grating platforms have various applications; however, the drilling platforms are specifically suitable for industries that work for extracting oil, natural gas, or other minerals. This is because these platforms had to hold the weight of drilling equipment and the pressure of working such equipment.

When working to extract anything from the earth, drilling equipment tends to vibrate a lot while putting immense pressure on the platform where it is kept. Therefore a drilling platform must be capable of handling this much pressure. Steel drilling platforms are, therefore, specifically manufactured to deal with such situations.


Steel grating is catering to various industries very well and has replaced other flooring positively. These steel grating platforms offer many benefits; specifically, when it comes to drilling, it protects against slipping, dust, corrosion, and even explosion. Therefore such platforms are pretty beneficial for the oil and gas industry.

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