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Top 10 Steel Grating Manufacturers in UAE for 2023

Top 10 Steel Grating Manufacturers In UAE For 2023

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Steel grating manufacturers in UAE have become an indispensable part of the industrial and manufacturing sectors. In the region, they are known for their high-quality products and services that can provide long-term value to their customers.

The products they offer include a wide range of galvanized pressed steel gratings, stainless steel gratings, aluminum grates, bar grilles, expanded metal sheets, and perforated metal sheets. All these materials are manufactured according to international standards and are suitable for various applications including walkways, platforms, ramps, and staircases in commercial and industrial buildings.

Top 10 steel grating manufacturers in UAE:

  • Ferrogate
  • Oasis Metal Manufacturing LLC
  • Sunj Grating Limited
  • Abazar Shelving
  • MF Fastener Industries LLC
  • Emerald General Trading LLC
  • Fedortech FZC
  • Royce Grating Limited
  • Lionweld Meiser
  • Dana Steel

In this article, we will tackle each of these companies’ background, the products and services they offered, and their main market.

1. Ferrogate

Website: https://ferrograte.com/index.php


Type of business: steel and aluminum gratings supplier

Location: Zultec Ajman Facility – Free Zone – Meshairef – Ajman – United Arab Emirates

Year established: 2002


Ferrogate is the leading steel gratings supplier in the United Arab Emirates. Its team of experienced engineers and technicians is committed to providing quality products with exceptional customer service. As a trusted partner, customers depend on Ferrogate for their project needs.

Ferrogate specializes in hot dip galvanizing (HDG) and stainless steel grating, as well as other custom design solutions. With years of experience manufacturing high-standard grates for industrial, commercial, and domestic applications, Ferrogate has built up a reputation for delivering safe and reliable products that meet international specifications.

Products & services offered by Ferrogate

  • offers a wide range of products and services, all of which are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.
  • supplies steel gratings for a variety of applications, including walkways, bridges, staircases, platforms, and more.
  • products are made from the highest quality materials available and are backed by industry-leading warranties.

Main market

Ferrogate is one of the leading suppliers of steel gratings in the UAE. Their main market is the construction industry, where their products are used in a variety of applications, such as walkways, staircases, and flooring. Ferrogate products are also popular in the manufacturing and petrochemical industries.

2. Oasis Metal Manufacturing LLC

Website: https://oasismetal.net.ae/

Oasis Metal Manufacturing LLC

Type of business: steel grating manufacturer

Location: Al Quoz – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Year Established: 2006


Oasis Metal Manufacturing LLC brings more than 20 years of experience in the metal manufacturing industry. Its expert engineering staff is skilled in working with a wide variety of metals and alloys, while its dedicated fabrication team is highly proficient in welding and machining processes.

With a commitment to partner satisfaction and quality assurance, Oasis Metal Manufacturing LLC works hard to deliver top-notch products on time and within budget. By utilizing modern technology and state-of-the-art equipment, it can create precision components that meet or exceed customer expectations.

The combination of expertise, advanced techniques, and unparalleled customer service has resulted in many long-term relationships with satisfied clients.

Products and services offered by Oasis Metal Manufacturing LLC

  • Custom metal fabrication
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Metal stamping
  • Welding

Main market

The main market for Oasis Metal Manufacturing LLC is the production of metal products for the construction industry. Their products are used in the fabrication of roofs, walls, and other structures. They also produce metal components for industrial and commercial applications.

3. Sunj Grating Ltd.

Website: https://chinagratings.com/

Sunj Grating Ltd.

Type of business: steel gratings manufacturer

Location: Yanxin Road, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Year established: 2006


Sunj Grating Ltd. is an experienced grating company with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Sunj Grating specializes in custom-made gratings and offers a variety of options to suit clients’ needs. Its products are designed to provide maximum strength, durability, and corrosion resistance for any application.

Steel gratings for a staircase, bridge, or catwalk grating, Sunj Grating has the perfect solution to meet customer needs. Sunj Grating also provides a variety of accessories such as clips and washers to ensure that gratings are securely installed.

All of its products are designed with quality and safety in mind, to be sure that they will provide long-lasting protection for years to come. Sunj Grating Ltd. has experienced professionals who understand the importance of providing quality products with exceptional customer service.

Products and services offered by Sunj Grating Ltd.

Main market

Sunj Grating Ltd.’s main market is the construction industry. The company produces and supplies gratings for various applications in this sector, such as walkways, staircases, and floorings. Sunj Grating’s products are made from durable materials that can withstand heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions. 

4. Abazar Shelving

Website: https://www.abazarshelving.com/

Abazar Shelving

Type of business: top racking and shelving solutions

Location: Bu Haleeba Warehouses – 9 Damascus Street – Al Qusais Industrial Area 2 – Dubai United Arab Emirates

Year established: 1980


Abazar Shelving is a renowned supplier of top-of-the-line industrial shelving and storage solutions. It is one of the leading names in providing innovative storage solutions to businesses across the UAE.

Abazar’s team of experienced professionals has an extensive understanding of the industry and provides invaluable advice on product selection, installation, and maintenance.

With its vast collection of products ranging from pallet racks, mezzanine floors, and cantilever racking systems to multi-tier shelving systems, Abazar makes sure that clients get the best products for their unique needs. All its products come with a manufacturer’s warranty so clients can be confident in their quality and durability.

Products and services offered by Abazar Shelving

  • Industrial shelving
  • Office shelving
  • Retail shelving
  • Warehouse shelving
  • Customized solutions

Main market

Their main market is in the UAE, but they have also been expanding into Saudi Arabia and Oman. They offer a wide range of products, including shelves, cabinets, racks, and more.

5. MF Fasteners Industries LLC

Website: https://mfindllc.com/

MF Fasteners Industries LLC

Type of business: fasteners manufacturer

Location: Emirates Modern Industrial Area – Umm Al Quwain – United Arab Emirates

Year established: 2015


MF Fasteners Industries LLC is an ISO-certified company committed to providing superior quality fasteners and related components. In addition to the extensive range of standard parts, it also specializes in custom fabrication and tailoring services for customers with specific needs.

MF Fasteners have built a reputation for delivering consistent quality products time and time again, with exceptional customer service as its top priority. MF Fasteners’ highly skilled team members are experts in their respective fields, enabling them to produce customized solutions quickly and affordably.

MF Fasteners Industries LLC works closely with customers from start to finish, ensuring that every part is crafted with precision and accuracy.

Products and services offered by MF Fasteners Industries LLC

  • Industrial bolts
  • Threaded rods
  • Nuts and washers
  • Chemical anchors
  • Custom fabrication

Main market

MF Fasteners Industries LLC’s main market is in the construction industry. They supply screws, nails, and other fasteners to builders and contractors. They also have a line of home improvement products, such as door hinges and cabinet knobs.

6. Emerald General Trading LLC

Website: https://emeralduae.com/

Emerald General Trading LLC

Type of business: construction materials manufacturer

Location: 9FPQ+5M3 – Back side of Speed House Group of companies, Ajman – Sharjah –  United Arab Emirates

Year established: 2001


Since its establishment in 2001, Emerald General Trading LLC has been a market leader in the trade of a variety of goods, from luxury items to necessities. Emerald General Trading has built up long-term relationships with several major international partners, ensuring that clients only receive the best quality products at competitive prices.

With its experienced team and dedicated network of suppliers, Emerald General Trading has been able to provide reliable solutions for customers all around the world. International locations enable it to offer fast delivery times, as well as excellent customer service throughout the entire purchasing process.

Emerald General Trading strives to be the preferred supplier when it comes to sourcing and supplying tailored products that fit specific requirements.

Products and services offered by Emerald General Trading LLC

  • Steel gratings
  • Construction supplies
  • Home goods
  • Electronics
  • Shipping and delivery
  • Customs brokerage
  • Trade consulting

Main market

Emerald General Trading LLC’s main market is in the UAE.

7. Fedortech FZC

Website: https://www.fedortech.com/fedortech

Fedortech FZC

Type of business: steel products manufacturer

Location: 8FRM+FC8 – Saif Zone – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

Year established: 2011


Fedortech is a metal products manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in the industry. It specializes in creating custom parts and components for customers’ specific needs. Its team is made up of highly skilled professionals with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the metal fabrication process.

Fedortech also uses state-of-the-art technologies to ensure a precise, efficient, and high-quality production process. All its products are inspected for quality assurance before being shipped out. Fedortech takes pride in providing excellent customer service and satisfaction for every order it handles.

Fedortech’s ultimate goal is to provide customers with a hassle-free experience that meets their exact requirements and specifications.

Products and services offered by Fedortech FZC

  • Metal fabrication
  • Welding and machining
  • Sheet metal work
  • Metal products assembly

Main market

The company’s main market is in the Middle East, where it has a strong presence in the construction and engineering industries. Fedortech FZC is a trusted supplier of high-quality metal products to its customers in the region.

8. Royce Grating Ltd.

Website: https://www.beststeelgratings.com/

Royce Grating Ltd.

Type of business: steel gratings manufacturer and supplier

Location: Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Year established: 1998


Royce Grating Ltd. has been in business since 1998, providing a comprehensive range of products and services for all types of grating applications. They provide both standard and custom-made solutions to meet the requirements of our customers worldwide.

Their team is highly experienced in working with all kinds of materials, from steel to aluminum or fiberglass. They offer a wide variety of gratings, including bar grating, safety grating, stainless steel gratings, and more. They also have experience working with different industries such as petrochemical plants, power generation facilities, and marine environments.

All their products are carefully inspected before they leave facility to ensure they are up to industry standards and can meet the needs of your application.

In addition to Royce’s products, they also provide installation services. Their team of experts can help customers with the design, measurement, and installation of your grating project. They understand that each application is unique and will work closely with clients to ensure the best result possible.

They are committed to providing our customers with quality service and long-term value. They pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and dedication to successful projects.

Products and services offered by Royce Grating Ltd.

Main market

Royce Grating’s main markets are Malaysia, the USA, and European countries

9. Lionweld Meiser

Website: http://www.lionweldmeiser.com/index.html

Lionweld Meiser

Type of business: steel working company

Location: Jebel Ali Indl Area, Dutco Compound – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Year established: 1999


Lionweld Meiser has been a trusted provider of high-quality welding and metal fabrication solutions for over 20 years. Its experienced team has the knowledge, resources, and expertise to provide clients with superior customer services that meet all their welding needs.

With the company’s extensive inventory of cutting-edge technology, it can give the best results possible in less time than ever before. Lionweld Meiser is proud to be one of the leading suppliers in the industry and strives to provide customers with an unbeatable level of quality, reliability, and value.

Products and services offered by Lionweld Meiser

  • Lionweld Meiser offers a variety of welding products and services, including MIG welders, TIG welders, and welding consumables.
  • Its welders are perfect for a variety of applications, including repairs, fabrication, and manufacturing.
  • Lionweld Meiser also offers a wide range of welding consumables, including wire, electrodes, and fluxes.

Main market

Lionweld Meiser’s main market is welding equipment and supplies. They supply welders with the best equipment and supplies in the market. Some of their products include MIG welders, TIG welders, plasma cutters, and more.

10. Dana Steel

Website: https://danasteel.com/

Dana Steel

Type of business: hot dip galvanized steel manufacturer & supplier

Location: Plot no 5325494, Saih Shuaib – 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Year established: 1991


Dana Steel is an eminent player in the steel trade industry. Established in 1991, they have become a renowned name amongst steel traders and distributors across the world.

At Dana Steel UAE, their mission is to provide their customers with the highest quality of service while ensuring that they are up to date with the latest advancements in the steel industry. They strive to exceed customer expectations by providing them with top-of-the-line products at competitive prices and excellent customer service.

Their team consists of highly experienced professionals who will assist clients throughout their journey to finding the perfect product for their needs. They ensure that each customer receives customized support based on their needs.

Products and services offered by Dana Steel

  • Wide range of steel products
  • Structural sheet
  • Galvanized sheet
  • Galvanized coils
  • Galvanized pipes and tubes
  • Expert consultation  

Main market

Dana Steel’s main market segments are roofing, cladding, and wall panels. Its products are designed to provide durability and energy efficiency, as well as aesthetic appeal. The company’s product range also includes insulated sandwich panels for cold storage applications, corrugated sheets and curved profiles for industrial buildings, and metal deckings for flooring systems.


The Top 10 Steel Grating Manufacturers in UAE have been revealed, providing an essential guide for businesses looking to source high-quality steel grating from the region. These companies are renowned for their expertise and experience, offering innovative solutions that meet the needs of customers.

By investing in these suppliers, clients can ensure they receive cost-effective products that provide exceptional performance in any environment. With a wide range of materials, sizes, and finishes available, clients can rely on these manufacturers to supply durable and reliable grating solutions tailored to their unique requirements.

Investing in a quality supplier means that customers benefit from long-term value and peace of mind that their investments will be secure over time.

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