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Top 10 Steel Grating Suppliers in Singapore

top 10 steel grating suppliers in Singapore

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Do you have a project that needs steel gratings and you’re in Singapore? Look no more! We’ll give you the list of the top 10 steel grating manufacturers in Singapore. They offer steel grating services such as galvanized, welded, press-locked, and mild steel grating, especially for industries like construction and railways.

Are you curious to know more about these companies and brands to find what’s the perfect fit to supply your need for steel gratings? Continue reading.

1Kian Huat Metal
2Ferrotech Far East Pte. Ltd.
3Sunj Grating Limited
4Bedec SteelGrate Pte Ltd
5K.U.S Metal Works
6Singapore specialized engineering Pte ltd
8Royce Grating Limited
9PVD Titanium Coating Pte Ltd
10MMA Steel

1. Kian Huat Metal

Website: https://kianhuatmetal.com/

Kian Huat Metal

Type of Business: Aluminum and Stainless Steel Supplier

Location (Headquarters): Central Region, Singapore

Year Established: 1998

Main Markets: China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia


The top distributor of stainless steel and aluminum products, Kian Huat Metal is renowned for its dependability, effectiveness, and dedication to quality. The Company, which has more than 30 years of expertise in the sector, has a substantial distribution network that covers more than 20 nations in the Asia Pacific area.

With a significant presence in China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, Kian Huat Metal provides a wide variety of products made of aluminum and stainless steel that are supplied from all over the world.

Pte. Kian Huat Metal Ltd. has established itself as Singapore’s top supplier of aluminum. They have a solid reputation for offering products of the highest caliber at reasonable pricing.

Their sources are from a recognized large distributor and supplier, and they also specialize in stainless steel and mild steel items that adhere to various international standards. Customers can also get metal fabrication from them.

Products & Services Offered by Kian Huat Metal

2. Ferrotech Far East Pte. Ltd.

Website: https://ferrotech.sg/

Ferrotech Far East Pte. Ltd.

Type of Business: Steel Grating and Aluminum Grating Manufacturer and Supplier

Location (Headquarters): Boon Lay Way, Singapore

Year Established: 2015

Main Markets: India, Middle East, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia


The top producer and supplier of Access Engineering solutions for oil and gas, power and desalination, marine, and water treatment plants are Ferrotech Far East Pte Ltd.

Their goal is to comprehend each client’s particular needs and to provide affordable, cost-effective solutions for their steel fabrication requirements.

Customers can choose from a variety of fabrication services for their commercial and industrial projects thanks to their company’s diverse operations in the grating and steel fabrication fields.

Their goods have been used in several projects in places including Singapore, the Middle East, and India. Additionally, they left traces of us in New Zealand and Australia.

Products & Services Offered by Ferrotech Far East Pte. Ltd.

  • Steel grating
  • Electro-forged steel grating
  • Press-locked grating
  • Heavy duty grating
  • Aluminum gratings
  • Stainless steel gratings

3. Sunj Grating Limited

Website: https://chinagratings.com/steel-gratings/

Sunj Grating Limited

Type of Business: Steel Grating Manufacturer and Supplier

Location (Headquarters): Jiangsu, China

Year Established: 2016

Main Markets: United States, Britain, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand


The finest place to go for all your metal grating needs is SUNJ Grating. Their staff would be pleased to assist you with any welding, shearing, or cutting project that arises because they have over 15 years of experience.

They provide a variety of steel gratings, including painted, powder-coated, and galvanized options. Additionally, they offer product customization to match your unique needs.

Because they are ISO certified and have a lot of experience, their products are of the greatest caliber. They have a stringent quality control system to ensure that all of their products match your specifications. Large savings, a free sample test, and customization services are all included in their package deals for jobs and bulk orders.

Products & Services Offered by Sunj Grating Limited

4. Bedec SteelGrate Pte Ltd

Website: https://bedecsteelgrate.com/

Bedec SteelGrate Pte Ltd

Type of Business: Steel Grating Supplier

Location (Headquarters): Sungei Kader Crescent, Singapore

Year Established: 2010

Main Markets: Canada, Germany, India, South Korea, United Kingdom, and the United States


Because they are ISO certified and have a lot of experience, their products are of the greatest caliber. They have a stringent quality control system to ensure that all of their products match your specifications. Large savings, a free sample test, and customization services are all included in their package deals for jobs and bulk orders.

Utilizing their technical knowledge and years of experience, they add value by providing engineering solutions for cost-effective grating design.

They assist their devoted clients by offering AutoCAD drawings during the design approval submission process, fabrication drawings, quantity take-off, conducting on-site verification and confirmation visits before the start of fabrication, and providing final As-built drawings once the project is finished.

Products & Services Offered by Bedec SteelGrate Pte Ltd

  • Steel grating
  • LTA grating
  • Slimline V profile grating
  • Hot dip galvanized grating
  • Industrial gratings
  • Stainless steel gratings
  • Aluminum grating

5. K.U.S Metal Works

Website: https://kusgrp.com/metal-works/

K.U.S Metal Works

Type of Business: Metal Manufacturer and Fabricator

Location (Headquarters): Senoko Drive, Singapore

Year Established: 2016

Main Markets: Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam


With about 10 years of expertise and belonging to the K.U.S Group of Companies, K.U.S Metal Works is a full-service metal works manufacturer and fabricator.

The supply and installation of a full variety of metal work for building, civil infrastructure, electricity, oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment, and solar projects is their area of expertise.

They produce and offer steel gratings for a range of uses. Gratings are produced in standard and custom sizes per customer and regulatory specifications.

They provide a variety of items for you to pick from, whether you’re searching for traditional steel railings, contemporary stainless steel railings, or extremely durable aluminum railings.

Products & Services Offered by K.U.S Metal Works

  • Steel grating
  • Mild steel grating
  • Stainless steel grating

6. Singapore specialized engineering Pte ltd

Website: https://ssepl.info/

Singapore specialized engineering Pte ltd

Type of Business: Steel Manufacturing and Fabrication

Location (Headquarters): Tuas Lot, Singapore

Year Established: 2015

Main Markets: America, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East


SINGAPORE SPECIALIZED ENGINEERING PTE. LTD. was established on May 26, 2015, in Singapore as an Exempt Private Company Limited by Shares. The TUAS LOT estate is where the company’s registered office is located. The company has been in operation for 8 years and is currently in a live state.

Engineering design and consulting operations are this company’s primary business, and its secondary business is wholesale commerce of a wide range of items without a prominent product.

They offer services such as construction and transparent hoarding, security fencing, mild and galvanized steel fabrication, bond deck, fencing, stainless steel and standard aluminum alloy railing, guardrail, road marking, and safety bollards.

Products & Services Offered by Singapore specialized engineering Pte ltd

7. Webforge

Website: http://www.webforge.com.sg/


Type of Business: Steel and Aluminum Grating Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Boon Lay Way, Singapore

Year Established: 1979

Main Markets: Asia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Australia


Numerous combinations of load bar depth, thickness, and cross rod pitch are used to make Webforge grating. The grating is made of AS3679 – Grade 250 Mild Steel (or comparable material) and is intended for use with high loads and impacts.

In addition to providing a wide selection of basic grating profiles, Webforge also can create grating profiles specifically for projects.

Because the engineer specifies the walkways, platforms, accompanying railing barriers, and stairways, Webforge is involved in the early planning stages of a platform.

Furthermore, Webforge may support maintenance evaluation programs to guarantee that walkway platforms are solid and show no signs of rust or weakening. When it comes to offshore operations, Webforge has staff that is qualified and accredited to help with your maintenance and upgrade programs.

Products & Services Offered by Webforge

  • Steel grating
  • Stock grating
  • Fabricated grating

8. Royce Grating Limited

Website: https://www.beststeelgratings.com/

Royce Grating Limited

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying Steel Gratings

Location (Headquarters): Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Year Established: 1998

Main Markets: Malaysia, USA, and European countries


Headquartered in Wuxi and established in 1995, Wuxi Royce Grating Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd occupies a land area of 25,000 square meters and a building area of 18,000 square meters.

Backed by advanced manufacturing machines, rich experience, sophisticated skills, and scientific management, we developed into a professional supplier of tailor-made steel gratings and related products, such as stair treads, handrail standards, storm drains, and more.

Although Royce Grating Limited is located in China, it has a strong logistics and supply chain system and extensive experience in exporting all types of steel gratings to your country.

Royce Grating is a company that has been in the industry for over 24 years, and we’re still exploring new ways to make your projects even better. We offer custom steel gratings along with other metal products like stair treads or handrails so you can find everything right here at highly competitive prices!

Products & Services Offered by Royce Grating Limited

  • Steel gratings
  • Galvanized steel grating
  • Stainless Steel Gratings
  • Stair Gratings
  • Welded steel gratings
  • Press-locked Steel Grating
  • Heavy Duty Steel Grating

9. PVD Titanium Coating Pte Ltd

Website: https://pvdtitanium.com/

PVD Titanium Coating Pte Ltd

Type of Business: Titanium Coating Services

Location (Headquarters): AMK Tech II, Singapore

Year Established: 2020

Main Markets: Malaysia, China, and other Asian Countries


Since 2010, PVD Titanium Coating has been operating in Singapore. The mission of PVD Titanium Coating is to design, manufacture, and sell PVD ion coating equipment as well as to study, create, and use PVD ion coating technology.

Ion coating technology is one of the most cutting-edge surface treatment technologies available today. With the help of this technology, people can apply various film types on substrates made of a variety of materials to meet a variety of performance and aesthetic requirements.

They strive to produce titanium coatings that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship, while also providing outstanding customer service and carefully installing their works.

Products & Services Offered by PVD Titanium Coating Pte Ltd

  • Steel grating
  • Stainless steel grating
  • Railing grating

10. MMA Steel

Website: https://www.mma.com.sg/

MMA Steel

Type of Business: Steel Manufacturer and Merchandiser

Location (Headquarters): Tagore Industrial Ave, Singapore

Year Established: 1972

Main Markets: Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines


Manufacturing and Merchandising Associates Pte Ltd, the company’s original name at the time, began making furniture in 1972. As business flourished, MMA Steel discovered new chances to broaden its product line and bought metal tubular bending equipment from a well-known Italian manufacturer.

With the most recent fabrication technology available at the time and the support of knowledgeable specialists with Italian training, MMA Steel swiftly distinguished itself from its competitors and took the top spot in the stainless steel railing fabrication industry.

As of now, MMA Steel has taken part in a lot of projects in the public, private, and residential sectors. We also sell pull-handle products on the international market.

Products & Services Offered by MMA Steel

  • Steel grating
  • Stainless steel grating
  • Lightweight stainless steel grating
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel grating
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel grating

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I hope this list helps you choose which manufacturer of steel grating in Singapore and China for you to avail yourself the suitable products and services for your projects. These top suppliers always make sure that their customers get customized and applicable steel grating in different industries.

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