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How Much Do Galvanized Steel Grating Cost?[2022]

Galvanized steel grating in Singapore

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Are you looking for galvanized steel grating followed by its cost? You are at the right place.

In this article, you will get every piece of information you might need about galvanized steel grating and its cost.

We will here, also discuss all those factors that have an impact on its cost and how it could be used for different industrial projects.

How much galvanized steel grating cost?[2022]

As a quick guide, this table can help you get a rough idea of Galvanized Steel Gratings prices:

Grating TpyePart NumberBearing Bar SizeMaterialSurfaceFinishPrice
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-41" x 1/8"Carbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$27.5
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-43/4" x 3/16Carbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$34.17
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-41" x 3/16"Carbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$41.67
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-41" x 1/4"Carbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$49.67
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-41/4" x 3/16"Carbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$25
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-43/4" x 1/4"Carbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$40.33
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-41/2" x 1/4"Carbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$25
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-43/4" x 1/8"Carbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$25.17
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-21" x 3/16"Carbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$44.67
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-21" x 3/16"Carbon steelSerratedGalvanizedUS$44.67
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-21-1/4" x 3/16"Carbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$55
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-21-1/4" x 3/16"Carbon steelSerratedGalvanizedUS$55
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-21-1/2" x 3/16" Carbon steelSmoothGalvanizedUS$65.17
Galvanized steel gratings19-W-22" x 3/16"Carbon steelSerratedGalvanizedUS$84.17

Note:The above prices are for reference only, please contact us for a detailed quote!

The cost of galvanized steel grating depends upon many factors:

  • The quality you choose.
  • The supplier or brand you plan to buy from.
  • The grating size.
  • And much more..

On average, the cost of a galvanized steel grating in a smaller size is around $25 per square meter, whereas if you look for a larger size, it could cost approximately $30 square meters.

Keep on reading! Here in this article, we will cover different kinds of graying galvanized for other purposes and what factors could impact their prices.

In addition, you will learn about how to source suitable steel bar grating to cater to different projects.

What is Galvanized Steel Grating, and what are its applications? 


Galvanized steel grating is also known as steel bar grating, carbon steel is used in its making, and it is then subjected to galvanized surface treatment.

The carbon steel used in its manufacturing offers a high strength to the steel bar and is an affordable choice for many industrial projects.

Galvanized steel bar grating is used for projects where slip resistance, strong bearing, transmission of light and air ventilation is needed.

The structure of galvanized steel grating is very strength oriented, and due to its non-slip resistance, it is used in the manhole cover and on the drainage columns on the roads to protect pedestrians from slipping during rain.

Carbon steel is dipped into hot molten zinc to turn it into galvanized steel.

The primary purpose of doing it is to protect the steel bar from rusting ad corrosion.

When carbon steel grating is subjected to moisture, it tends to develop rust, and when used outdoors, galvanized steel turns out to be a better option.

The life of steel bars can be increased by choosing galvanizing technique.

Categories of Galvanized Steel Grating price and their Price Ranges

There are various kinds of galvanized steel gratings based on different categories while simultaneously having different prices.

The one that suits your construction project is what you can choose for yourself; here, we have shared the three different categories of galvanized grating.

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Grating

In this kind of galvanized grating, the carbon steel bearing bars are dipped in molten zinc and some other materials.

This solution galvanizes the bar grating, and the layer of zinc covers the carbon steel.

This kind of grating leads to provide corrosion resistance and rust resistance property to these bearing bars.

After the layer of zinc is added to the bar, the weight and strength of the bar also increase. Hot-dipped galvanized steel is around $1400-$1600 per tonne.

Press-Locked Galvanized Grating

In this kind of galvanized grating, two kinds of bars are used, stainless steel and carbon steel. The cross bars are fixed with the bearing bars, and a grid is formed.

It is light in weight galvanized grating and used mainly in refineries, the shipping industry, and power plants.

The positive side of this grating is that despite its light structure, it can hold high strength pressure.

The price range of press-locked galvanized steel grating is between $40-$45 per square meter.

Welded Galvanized Grating

Welded galvanized grating is a grating in which steel grating bars, or carbon-steel bars, are used.

In this kind of grating, the two choices of processes are present; either hot-dipped or electro-galvanization is done.

If hot-dipped galvanization is chosen, the layer is thick, and for electro-galvanization, there is a thin layer.

This galvanized grating uses either a flat bearing bar or an I-bearing bar.

These gratings are commonly observed in food processing plants, chemical plants, petroleum plants, etc.

the price of this welded galvanized grating is between $1500 to $1600 per tonne.

Factors that affect the price of Galvanized Steel Grating

When choosing galvanized steel grating, one of the most critical considerations is price, many factors determine it.

Some factors over which the cost of galvanized steel graying depends include the material quality, size of the grating, industry trends, and many more.

A few of these factors are discussed below.

Trend of Demand and Supply

The role played by demand and supply is always a significant factor that impacts the price.

Hence, when choosing a galvanized steel bar, the demand currently prevailing in the market and the demand expected to prevail will be considered.

When the demand is high, and supply is low, the prices would increase and vice versa. Sometimes, the use of galvanized steel is high due to many projects at once; hence, the demand and supply are impacted.

Material Cost and Quality

The price of galvanized steel grating also determines the raw material cost.

When you get a highly-priced raw material, it is quite eminent that after processing, the cost of making that galvanized bar would also decrease, hence the sales price.

On the other hand, when it comes to quality, it also has to play a role. When the quality required is high, the price will be high, and vice versa.

Size of the Galvanized Steel Grating

Sometimes the size of the galvanized steel grating is less and occasionally high.

The price of the grating is determined in tonnes or per square meter. Hence, what size is purchased for projects also has to do a lot with the cost.

The width and length of the grating are measured here, and the price is determined.

Applications of Galvanized Steel Grating

Some projects need high-strength galvanized steel grating, and some don’t. Some need it for the indoors and some for the outdoors; hence the application has a lot to do with the price.

Therefore, galvanized grating would be expensive when the climatic impact is high, and a high level of strength is needed, like in bridge construction or high-rise buildings.

A low cost will work when low strength grating is required and not even subjected to lousy climate.

The benefits of using Galvanized Steel Grating

Hot-dipped Galvanized steel grating

There are various benefits of choosing galvanized steel grating for different projects; some of these are discussed below:

  • One of the most important benefits of choosing galvanizing steel grating is its cost-effectiveness. Galvanized steel grating is a little cheaper than other kinds of gratings used in different projects.
  • It lasts much longer, and the best part is that no matter what type of climate the galvanized bar is subjected to, it stays the same for years and years. It doesn’t corrode nor rusts and therefore is a suitable choice.
  • It doesn’t need much maintenance; once you have chosen a galvanized steel grating, you are free from the stress of painting and maintaining it.
  • There is no issue of damage when it comes to choosing galvanized steel grating, and the best part is that no matter how it is transported or stored, it doesn’t damage or crack.
  • Galvanized steel grating is a finished grating that won’t require any added polishing or finishing once installed in your structure. It has excessive strength, so you don’t even have to work on strengthening it.
  • Cleaning a galvanized steel grating is always very easy and quick, so there lays no issue of hygiene when choosing this kind of grating.

How to choose the right Galvanized Steel Grating for your needs

A few aspects that must be considered when choosing a galvanized steel grating and of them are discussed below:

Raw Material

The base material needs to be chosen according to the purpose, and a galvanized steel grating could be obtained in carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Therefore, according to the application and purpose, you have to select the kind of raw material you would like to have in the base.

Size and Quantity

The quality of the grating and the size is also considered. It is always suggested to take relevant measurements so that you always choose the right size according to the needed width and length.

Purchasing an oversized grating would be no use, and the same goes for the undersized one.

Also, make sure to order the correct quantity depending upon the required pieces, sometimes, you might need it in bulk, and many traders would sell them in 50 pieces or 100 pieces. So, choose according to the requirement.


The use of galvanized steel grating also needs to be taken into account. If you are using it for the construction of a building, you will have different requirements, and if you need to use it for the drainage column of the roads, the requirements would be different.

Therefore, keeping in mind the industrial purpose of the grating, you should place your order.

Where to buy Galvanized Steel grating online or in store

You can easily source galvanized steel grating online from China, and you can order in bulk and get the best rates with suitable sizes and quality gratings.

You can look at www.chinagratings.com, and here you will get all kinds of galvanized steel gratings for your upcoming projects.

FAQs about Galvanized Steel Grating price

Does the price of a galvanized steel grating vary in terms of its kind?

Ans. Yes, if you compare hot-dipped galvanized grating, welded galvanized grating, and press-locked galvanized grating, you will see a minimum difference in prices.

Will there be a difference in the price of carbon steel and stainless steel galvanized grating?

Ans. the price of galvanized steel grating highly depends on the base material chosen.

Therefore, the price difference of both of these materials would always impact the galvanized final grating.

Is galvanized steel grating an expensive material for projects?

Ans. No, when choosing other kinds of galvanized materials, you can find them expensive, but fortunately, galvanized steel is one of the best and the most economical materials for projects.

Final Verdict

Galvanized steel gratings could add a perfect structure for most of your projects. However, to achieve this, one of the most important things is to ensure that you consider purchasing it using the tips suggested above.

This way, you will always make the right decision regarding the material, application, safety, and size of galvanized steel grating.

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