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Top 5 Galvanized Steel Gratings Manufacturers In 2022

Welded steel gratings

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Introduction: Galvanized steel grating refers to steel bar gratings made of mild carbon steel in a super-hot surface for shaping.  It’s available in different materials like stainless steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum which is widely used in the various industrial, commercial, and construction industries.

Stretching back to over 150 years ago, galvanized steel gratings have been used in innumerable applications because of its highly economical advantage. Roads, rails, energy plants, oil and gas, and constructions are just a few industries that leverage galvanized steel gratings. In fact, they play an important role in building bridges, facades, gates, concrete structures, and sculptures.  Hot dipping galvanized steel provides many benefits to its overall results. It adds up to the overall strength of the material and makes it resistant to corrosion. But one of the most important benefits of galvanized steel gratings is the fact that they are durable and sustainable. Its coating thickness can generally be up to 85 microns and since it is very durable, it offers a relatively low environmental burden in terms of energy.  Galvanized steel gratings offer optimum performance for various industries, which is why it is a top choice for many companies.

Even so, galvanized steel gratings must be sourced from trusted manufacturers in the world. Given that it is a durable material, not all manufacturers deliver the standard required to create a topnotch product. Some companies use substandard material in an attempt to cut down the cost, which is why some galvanized steel gratings are sold at a very low price.

In this article, let’s tackle the top manufacturers of galvanized steel gratings. Knowing the most trusted brand of galvanized steel gratings help you source out the best materials for your building or construction project. Read on to learn our top five list of galvanized steel gratings manufacturers.

1.      Strongwell Corporation


Type of business: Manufacturing & Supplying Stainless Steel Gratings

Location (headquarters):  Virginia, 24201 USA

Year Established: 1924


Strongwell Corporation is a key player in the galvanized steel gratings industry having the largest pultrusion capacity and product size capability in the whole world. In total, it has 730,000 sq. ft. that can house more than 65 pultrusion machines. What makes this company wholesome is the fact that it cares for its employees and that it follows environmental principles. While trying to meet high industry demands for galvanized steel gratings, this company also tops in high global awareness of the benefits of fiber reinforced polymers. It is a preferred supplier for many industries. Not only that, it is a leading innovator of galvanized steel gratings. You will never go wrong with sourcing products from this Strongwell.  Products from Strongwell are buffed with strength and toughness. They are in high demand specially for terminals, airports, and other large-span loading constructions.

Products and Services offers by Strongwell:

·       Steel gratings

·       Galvanized steel grating

·       Stainless Steel Gratings

·       Stair Gratings

·       Welded steel gratings

·       Press-locked Steel Grating

·       Heavy Duty Steel Grating

·       Compound Steel Grating

·       Irregular Steel Grating

Main Markets: United States

2.      Grating Pacific


Type of business: Manufacturing & Supplying Stainless Steel Gratings

Location (headquarters):  LA, California

Year Established: 1971


 Founded in Los Angeles, California, Grating Pacific is a well-known manufacturing company that produces excellent galvanized steel gratings. IT is a national player when it comes to providing industry-leading galvanized steel gratings. In addition, the company manufactures architectural grilles and fences, woven and welded wire mesh, traction tread channels and flooring, and many more.

 For 50 years, the company has always been true to its promise, which is to provide quality products. It is a very reliable when it comes to supplying high-quality products. Their products are known for their rust-proof properties and longevity. No wonder it is one of the most trusted source of galvanized steels and other iron materials. They also offer customize services and off the shelf shipment to different countries all around the world.

Products and Services offers by GRATING PACIFIC

·       Grating Pacific Metal Bar Gratings

·       Coda Architectural Grilles & Fences

·       Fibergrate Molded Fiberglass Grating

·       Safe-T-Span Pultruded Fiberglass Grating

·       Algrip Slip-Resistant Floor Plate

·       Woven & Welded Wire Mesh

·       Perforated Metals

Main Markets:USA, Canada, and other international countries

3.      North American Grating


Type of business: Manufacturing & Supplying Stainless Steel Gratings

Location (headquarters):  Abita Springs, Louisiana

Year Established: 1992

 If you’re looking for a trusted galvanized steel grating in North America, you will never go wrong with North American Grating. This company is a wholesale supplier of galvanized steel gratings and fiberglass grating.  Trusted for most FRP needs, North American Grating has only been for 20 years in the galvanized industry. But it seems that it has already captured various businesses around the world, needing high-quality supply. It was founded in 1992 in Los Angeles, California but later on transferred its fabrication facility to Henderson in Nevada. The best thing about this manufacturer is the uneatable prices they offer with a large inventory of various types of gratings. Moreover, they offer high-quality products that last for years. Using legally and ethically compliant manufacturing procedures, North American Grating boasts successful galvanized steel gratings production year by year. They are most in demand for electric utilities, hotels and motels, oil and gas, mining, and parks and recreation.  Shipment only lasts for 3-5 business days as long as the order is within the USA.

Products and Services offers by North American Grating:

·       Galvanized steel gratings

·       Molded Fiberglass Grating

·       Pultruded Fiberglass Grating

·       Fiberglass Shapes and Plates

·       Ballistic and storm panels

·       Decking and planking

·       Structural reinforcements

·       Studs and nuts

·       Metal tool handles

Main Markets: USA, Canada, and other international countries

4.      PR Metals


Type of business: Manufacturing & Supplying Stainless Steel Gratings

Location (headquarters):  Birmingham, AL 35212

Year Established: 1991

P & R Metals is a leading distributor and manufacturer of galvanized steel gratings for major architectural, marine, and industrial industries. It also manufactures aluminum and fiberglass products. Founded in 1999, its primary concern aside from providing high-quality products is customer satisfaction and employee welfare. It currently has a 33, 500 square feet of production facility, allowing it to bulk produce goods and meet market demands. Their products are known for their amazing quality that can last for years without needing reconstruction and repair.  The best thing about this manufacturer is the ability to cater to the demanding market of galvanized steel gratings. In today’s world, where innovation is leading even in the construction industry, a non-failing manufacturer is always needed.   Thanks to P & R Metals for providing high quality galvanized and metal products nonstop.

Products and Services offers by PR METALS

·       Galvanized steel gratings

·       Stair treads

·       Wire mesh

·       Ladder rungs

·       Handrail and ladder

·       Fiberglass shapes and expanded metals

Main Markets: US, Europe, Canada, China, and other international countries


Galvanized steel gratings manufacturer

Type of business: Manufacturing & Supplying Stainless Steel Gratings

Location (headquarters):  Yanxin Road, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Year Established: 2006

Since 2006, SUNJ Grating Limited has been providing top notch quality galvanized steel gratings in China and various countries all around the world. It manufactures all kinds of steel gratings regardless of the size and complexity of projects. The company is finely focused on material quality, detailed accuracy, and value in prices. Compared with other manufacturers in the world, it offers a more competitive pricing.  China Gratings is known for its prompt delivery. With four production lines, its primary focus is providing value to customers and meeting industry demands without failing on quality.  The best thing about this company is that there is no middleman involved. It helps saves you time on shipping costs as well.

Products and Services offers by SUNJ GRATING LIMITED

·       Galvanized steel gratings

·       Stainless steel gratings

·       Standard steel gratings

·       Welded steel gratings

·       Irregular steel gratings

·       Compound steel grating

Main Markets: China,USA, UAE, and other international countries


There you go. Now you know our top five choices when it comes to the best stainless steel gratings manufacturers in 2022. All of these manufactures are highly experienced when it comes to galvanized iron and metal production for different applications.

Again, it is very important to source materials from the world’s most trusted manufacturers. Bigger projects like bridges, buildings, and public edifices have higher standards of requirements for materials. As a leading construction engineer, you don’t want to lose trust from your clients. Moreover, the manufacturer always matters when it comes to heavy-duty construction.

Whether you need stainless steel gratings for industrial or commercial use, or you want to improve the curb appeal of your home, you can trust these steel gratings manufacturers.  All of them have extensive experience in manufacturing steels and galvanized irons.

Again, galvanized steel gratings are vital components for all types of construction. Without a sturdy and high-quality framing or bracing, a building structure can easily collapse. Moreover, companies are now experimenting in building earthquake-proof structures, in which premium galvanized steel gratings are needed. Don’t just trust any manufacturers. Always refer to manufacturers with a proven track record and years of experience in the industry. Feel free to check out these companies. Better yet, contact us directly if you have any questions and we will gladly help you.

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