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Top 10 Steel Grating Manufacturers in Saudi Arabia in 2023

Top 10 Steel Grating Manufacturers In Saudi Arabia In 2023

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Maybe you live in the Middle East and are looking for steel gratings. Look no further! Here’s the article which might help you in selecting a manufacturer for your desired steel gratings. We’ll guide you to find the top steel grating producers in Saudi Arabia.

They are experienced in this industry for year, and can manufacture and supply your desired steel bar gratings in accordance with the applications you need to be applied to. Let’s check the following content!

2Technical Fabrication and Construction Co. Ltd.
3Silvertech Saudi
4Sunj Grating Limited
5United Steel Grating Factory
6Saudi Ekmal
7Arabian Gratings
8Royce Grating Limited
9Emerald Steel Industries LLC


Website: https://saudigrate.com/about-saudi-gratings.php


Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying Steel Gratings
Location (Headquarters): Saudi Arabia
Year Established: 1992


Saudigrate Marketing Consultancy can complete any size required for different projects on time, thanks to its modern manufacturing facilities, an excellent team of certified, experienced engineers, and highly ambitious professional workers.

Their goal is to understand their client’s specific demands and to provide affordable and cost-effective steel fabrication solutions.

Their diverse activities in the field of gratings and steel fabrication enable them to provide a wide variety of fabrication services to our clients for their commercial and industrial projects.

Their products and services include gratings, welded wire mesh, grating clamps, ladders, FRP/GRP grating types, stair treads, and stainless steel structures in the category of construction and real estate.

Main Markets

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the USA, North Africa, and European countries

Products & Services Offered by Saudigrate Marketing Consultancy W.L.L

2. Technical Fabrication and Construction Co. Ltd.

Website: https://tefcoksa.com/

Technical Fabrication and Construction Co. Ltd.
Type of Business: Tank and Steel Fabrication
Location (Headquarters): Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Year Established: 1998


As a market leader in designing and fabricating Shop Built/Fabricated Storage Tanks, TEFCO is also experienced in the construction of  Field Erected Storage Tanks.

TEFCO’s fabrication plant employs cutting-edge technology for burning, cutting, squaring, beveling, bending, and rolling carbon and stainless steel materials.

Based on customer needs, TEFCO’s in-house Quality Assurance and Quality Control Program ensures that products meet or exceed customer expectations.

They feature cutting-edge facilities for storage tanks, pressure vessels, and specialized stainless steel fabrication. With a wide range of markets, as well as their low overhead expenses, they are able to compete anyplace in Saudi Arabia.

In addition, their own labor pool provides the most qualified craftspeople in the business as well as the capacity to achieve tight project deadlines.

Main Markets

Saudi Arabia, Canada, Brazil, Chile

Products & Services Offered by TEFCO

  • Steel grating
  • Stainless steel bar grating
  • Welded steel bar grating
  • Press-locked steel grating

3. Silvertech Saudi

Website: https://www.silvertechsaudi.com/

Silvertech Saudi

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying Steel Gratings
Location (Headquarters): Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Year Established: 2001


As a stainless steel factory in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Silvertech Saudi provides stainless steel products with adequate quality at an affordable price. It has built up an experienced management team in this field.

Before being transformed into components with extremely high strength, various stainless steel goods need to go through the heat-treated process. 

Similarly, stainless steel gratings, customized stainless steel access covers, and internal stainless steel sealed drain covers are their popular products.

Besides, they provide steel grating clamps, hole covers, floor drains, stainless steel sheets, and stainless steel kitchen equipment in Saudi.

In addition, their gratings with bespoke drain covers are offered using high-level chromium, and also with nickel-alloy that can tolerate high temperatures.

Main Markets

Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines

Products & Services Offered by Silvertech Saudi

  • Steel grating
  • Stainless steel grating
  • Metal grating
  • Floor steel grating
  • Bar grating

4. Sunj Grating Limited

Website: https://chinagratings.com/steel-gratings/

Sunj Grating Limited

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying Steel Gratings
Location (Headquarters): Wuxi, China
Year Established: 2006


SUNJ Grating is the place to go for all of your metal grating requirements. They have over 15 years of expertise and can gladly assist you with any welding, shearing, or cutting project that arises!

Stainless steel gratings can be applied in many common industrial and commercial manufactured contexts.

If you’re looking for a source of high-quality steel gratings, Royce Gratings Limited should be considered. They provide a large selection of steel gratings, including galvanized, painted, and powder-coated options. Furthermore, we may tailor their stainless steel items to suit exact installation needs.

Their steel gratings are used in a variety of large-scale power plants, boiler factories, petroleum engineering projects, municipal construction projects, and other applications.

Main Markets

United States, Mexico, Peru, Britain, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand

Products & Services Offered by Sunj Grating Limited

  • Steel grating
  • Welded Steel Grating
  • Swage Locked Steel Grating
  • Press-locked Steel Grating
  • Stainless Steel Grating
  • Galvanized Steel Grating

5. United Steel Grating Factory

Website: http://www.abc-saudiarabia.com/companies/12779/united-steel-grating-factory

United Steel Grating Factory

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying Steel Gratings
Location (Headquarters): Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Year Established: 2006


In 2006, Al-Othman Holding Company chose to extend its main business by building a new factory under the name Tazez Advanced Industrial Co., which offers production services for numerous distinct ranges of metal goods to serve the market’s demands, which is experiencing construction expansion.

It is regarded as an industry leader due to its advanced manufacturing technology and CNC production lines, which ensure the greatest production capacity of stainless steel in the Middle East.

Steel bar grating, all sorts of telecom poles, light, and medium steel structures, and hot dip galvanized bar trench covers are all manufactured by the company.

Their production and installation quality meets the requirements of O&G Projects, Saudi Electricity Co., Saudi Aramco, Municipalities MOM, and the private construction industry fields.

Main Markets

Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Bangladesh

Products & Services Offered by United Steel Grating Factory

  • Steel grating
  • Hot dip galvanized steel grating
  • Stainless steel bar grating

6. Saudi Ekmal

Website: http://www.saudiekmal.sa/index.html

Saudi Ekmal

Type of Business: Trading and Contracting Steel Gratings
Location (Headquarters): Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Year Established: 2015


Sheikh Othman Bin Hamid Sons and Partners owns Saudi Ekmal, a trade and contracting firm. Prominent in its trading field, Saudi Ekmal is qualified enough to come to clients’ satisfaction with unrivaled service. And it has been proved that they are able to save both clients time and money in servicing them with suitable materials of mild steel.  

It has been their aim for a long time that they will endeavor to supply authorized stainless steel products for the industrial sector.  And they almost make it, for specializing in different aspects including stainless steel materials, engineering designs, and design consultations and suggestions.

SAUDI EKMAL regards quality as the most important sensitive aspect in providing a distinctive hot dip galvanized product and service.

As a result, it is their ambition to comply with the most common worldwide standards, not only in material manufactured grades, buts also in fabrication requirements for their goods.

Main Markets

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Jeddah, Jubail, Yanbu

Products & Services Offered by Saudi Ekmal

7. Arabian Gratings

Website: http://www.arabiangratings.com/index.html

Arabian Gratings

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying Steel Gratings
Location (Headquarters): Saudi Arabia


One of the well-known and trustworthy producers and suppliers of FRP, Steel & Stainless Steel with premium Grating Panels, Stair Treads, Handrail Systems, Cage Ladders, and Panel Clips is Arabian Gratings.

Based on their four pillars of experience, quality, technology, and knowledge, they have built a solid reputation for providing top-notch mild steel products manufactured on schedule and at a fair price.

High-quality products are guaranteed thanks to their large team of seasoned specialists and modern manufacturing facilities for steel structure and trench cover installation. It makes sense given the widespread use of our goods in so many diverse sectors, including mining, oil and gas, electricity, water, and power.

Main Markets

Saudi Arabia

Products & Services Offered by Arabian Gratings

  • Steel Grating
  • Pultruded Bar Grating
  • Molded Bar Grating
  • Stainless Steel Bar Grating

8. Royce Grating Limited

Website: https://www.beststeelgratings.com/

Royce Grating Limited

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying Steel Gratings
Location (Headquarters): Wuxi, China
Year Established: 1998


Headquartered in Wuxi, Royce Grating Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995. And it covers an area of 25,000 square meters, as well as a building area of 18,000 square meters. Members of the company are of rich experience and very passionate to cooperate with each other.

Therefore, also with advanced manufacturing machines and scientific management, the company grows into a  professional supplier, offering tailor-made steel gratings and other related products, such as stair treads, handrail standards, storm drains, and trench covers with anti-corrosion features.

Although Royce Grating Limited is located in China, it has a strong logistics and supply chain system and extensive experience in exporting all types of steel gratings to your country.

Royce Grating has been specializing in steel gratings for over 24 years, but still insists on exploring new ways to make its projects even better.

Apart from best-selling gratings, steel gratings can also be customized, so as other metal products like stair treads or handrails. Clients can find what they need for their projects right here at highly competitive prices of steel gratings.

Main Markets

Malaysia, the USA, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, and other European countries

Products & Services Offered by Royce Grating Limited

  • Steel grating
  • Galvanized steel grating
  • Mild Steel Grating
  • Stainless Steel Bar Grating
  • Welded steel grating
  • Press-locked Steel Grating

9. Emerald Steel Industries LLC

Website: https://cabletrayuae.com/

Emerald Steel Industries LLC

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying Steel Gratings
Location (Headquarters): Ajman, UAE
Year Established: 2001


Emerald Steel Industries manufactured many types of systems for managing cables. Cable trays, ladders, trunking, flush floor trunking, under-floor trunking, service outlet box, stainless steel frames, trench covers, and strut systems are all of their sales.

Emerald Steel Industries LLC, based in Ajman, United Arab Emirates, is well known to be an eminent manufacturer and supplier of cable management systems.

They have a history of providing high-end clientele as well as significant walkways and catwalk projects in the UAE and the Middle East. Emerald Steel Industries LLC, an ISO 9001-certified business, places a premium on quality at every stage of production.

They have been exporting to a variety of locations, including the Middle East, Asian nations, and African nations.

Main Markets

UAE, Africa, Middle East

Products & Services Offered by Emerald Steel Industries LLC

  • Steel grating
  • Pre-galvanized steel bar grating
  • Hot dip galvanized steel bar grating
  • Stainless steel grating

10. Ferrograte

Website: https://ferrograte.com/index.php


Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying Steel Gratings
Location (Headquarters):  Ajman, UAE
Year Established: 2002


Ferrograte makes it its slogan that quality, dependability, and faithfulness. No matter for FRP gratings or for steel bar gratings, they could produce them all, and make it to constantly deliver goods from Oman to Qatar to even Africa. They are currently one of the leading gratings producers in the UAE due to their excellent product quality and service.

Ferrograte always holds it its value that is stronger, more affordable, and better, when working in the extensive selection of iron steel gratings.

Electroforged Gratings, Steel Structural Gratings, Galvanized Gratings, Heavy Duty Gratings, and Fiber Glass Gratings are only a part of their most popular goods like stair treads, handrails, walkways, and trench covers.

Main Markets

UAE, Oman, India, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Singapore

Products & Services Offered by Ferrograte

  • Steel grating
  • Electro Forged Steel Bar Grating
  • Manual Welded Steel Bar Grating
  • Press locked Steel Bar Grating
  • Aluminum Bar Grating
  • Mild Steel Bar Grating
  • Ductile Iron Bar Grating


That concludes our top steel gratings manufacturers’ information in Saudi Arabia. All of these companies are professional and provide a diverse choice of steel structures for various uses. It’s a good choice to turn to these 10 steel grating manufacturers, whether you need a stainless steel grating for your project or just want to add some flavor to the decoration of your new house.

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