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General Introduction to Steel Driveway Gratings

Steel driveway grating is used as a drainage cover to provide an excellent solution for protecting the driveway and walkway from being flooded or damaged by rainwater, snow, and dust. It gives a smooth driving experience to vehicles moving over it. It can also give your driveway and walkway an athletically appealing look by hiding the imperfections of the concrete underneath.

The steel driveway gratings are manufactured with carbon steel, aluminum steel, or stainless steel to have a greater strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to corrosion and rust. It also increases its load-bearing capacity, durability, and life.

Our Carbon Steel Driveway grating is the most affordable option, while stainless steel driveway gratings offer extra life and chemical resistance, making it most suitable for an alkaline environment. In contrast, Aluminum steel driveway grating is relatively lightweight and resistant to corrosion.

Apart from the material, our driveway grating is also available in different designs, including steel trench grates with angle frames, angle-sided grates, box grates, swaged-locked grates, and close mesh grates.

Multiple bar spacings, frame profiles, sizes and widths, and surface treatments are also available for steel driveway gratings.

steel driveway gratings

Our Hot Selling Steel Driveway Gratings

Trench Grate with angle frame

A trench grate with an angle frame is a type of grate that is used to cover trenches. It is made up of a frame placed over the trench and a grate placed over the frame. The angle frame helps to keep the grate in place, provides support for the weight of the grate, and increases the load-bearing capacity of the grating, making it suitable for driveway grating applications.

Angle Sided Grates

Angle-sided grates are a type of grate that has angled bars on both sides of the grating. It is placed on concrete trenches with a pre-made bed to place grating with angle bars. These angle bars further increase the load-bearing capacity and service life and prevent gratings from moving.

Box Grates

Our box steel driveway grating features a unique and durable design with a steel frame and a grating attached to it on one side with hinges. This design enables the grating to open like a box that allows easy cleaning of the drainage trench on your driveway.

Why Choose Steel Driveway Gratings From Chinagaring.Com? is an authorized manufacturer, distributor, and exporter of Steel Driveway Gratings, which means that our products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and manufactured with the utmost care. A warranty also backs our products, so you can be sure you’re getting what you need at a fair price.

We at have been in the steel driveway gratings industry for over 15 years, and we know our customers want the best grating products available.

Our team of experts will help you find just the right steel grating product for your needs, whether that means helping you choose between different grating types or even different materials, sizes, designs, and thicknesses. We’ve got something for everyone—and we want to make sure that when you buy from us, what’s important is that you’re satisfied with your purchase!

steel driveway gratings

Types of Steel Driveway Grating

Trench Grate with angle frame

Our Trench Grate with Angle Frame is a great way to keep your driveway safe from the rain and snow. It’s made of durable steel so that it will last for years. It comprises a grate that rests on an angle frame. The frame has an angled design that makes it easy to install and sturdy enough to support up to 1000 pounds.

The grate sits on top of a concrete pad or gravel base, which keeps it level. This driveway grating type has excellent drainage performance, with a reliable load-bearing capacity to withstand heavy vehicle traffic.

Our driveway trench steel grating is also available with a close mesh design to cater to pedestrian traffic, especially with high heels, along with bicycles and vehicles’ different types of tires.  

It is available in various angle frames and opening sizes, as well as grating width and depth, bar spacing, and mesh sizes.

heavy duty welded steel gratings

Angle Sided Grates

The angle-sided steel grates from are the perfect way to make your driveway safer, protect your building from dirt and water damage, and add a decorative flair to your property.

Grating is an easy and affordable way to create a barrier between concrete or asphalt driveways and vehicles. The angle-sided steel grates are designed to keep the debris from entering the space below. They can be used on all types of driveways, including smooth surfaces, grassy areas, and curbs.

These grates also protect against erosion caused by rain or snow melt, which makes them ideal for use in areas prone to harsh weathering.

The angled-sided grating can be made from aluminum steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel. It can have a smooth and serrated surface. Clients can also alter its opening size to prevent objects from falling in or prevent drainage from blocking. Besides, they can also choose between different grate widths and depths, angle sizes, mesh sizes, and bar spacings.

Box Grates

The Box grates feature a durable steel frame and a steel grating attached to it on one side with hinges. This enables this grating type to open like a box and enables you to clean the driveway trench easily.

Box grates for driveways are a great way to keep the snow and ice out of your driveway in the wintertime. They’re made from galvanized steel and have a smooth, easily cleaned surface that allows snow to slide off easily. The box grates are designed to fit on top of a standard concrete driveway, but they can also be used on other types of surfaces, such as asphalt or gravel.

Box gratings are resistant to chemicals, corrosion, and rust. Besides, they are lightweight, strong, durable, long-lasting, and come with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

This type of gratings is also available in stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum steel, and galvanized steel. It is ideal for driveways where drain trenches usually get clogged, filled with dirt or waste, or require frequent cleaning for other reasons.

Our box grating is aesthetically appealing and can have a smooth or serrated surface. The Serrated surface adds extra slip resistance to it. Moreover, clients can choose between different mesh sizes, grating widths, lengths and thicknesses, and opening and frame sizes. You can also choose between various accessories and structures.

heavy duty welded steel gratings

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation for Steel Driveway Gratings

1. Design Consultation:

Our dedicated, experienced, and highly-skilled design team spends 1 to 2 days with the client to understand their grating application needs, their budget, and what they expect from us.

Our team takes into account various factors, including driveway trench dimensions, expected traffic type (pedestrian, normal vehicle, heavy vehicle), frequency and its load, environment and weather conditions, budget, etc.

All this is done to suggest the best steel driveway gratings and other products to our clients to ensure maximum quality, durability, and service life.

Design Consultation for steel gratings
Steel gratings raw material

2. Preparation of Raw Material:

Once the design is finalized and approved by the client, the order is placed after an upfront amount, and our design team proceeds the design and instructions to the manufacturing department.

Our dedicated raw material procurement team sources the raw material from reliable, sustainable, eco-friendly suppliers and gets it inspected by our QC team to ensure the material is of the best quality and as per international quality standards. This process usually takes 1 to 2 days.

3. Manufacturing of Steel Driveway Gratings:

Now, the raw material like bearing bars, cross bars, and angle bars are cut into pieces of the desired length and then welded, press-locked, or swage-locked to get the desired form of the grating.

For welded steel driveway grating, the cross bars are placed over the pre-punched slots of bearing bars in the perpendicular direction, and their intersection point is welded to form a grid-like structure.

For press-locked steel driveway grating, the bearing bars and cross are placed together perpendicularly, and their intersecting points are joined using high pressure by a hydraulic machine.

For swage-locked steel driveway grating, the diamond-shaped holes are made on bearing bars, and cross bars are placed within the holes and pressed using a hydraulic machine to lock the bearing bars to their place.

Next, an angle frame is made for grating (if it is a trench grate with an angle bar), or angle bars are welded to the grating’s side (if it is angle-sided grating), or grating is attached to a frame with the help of hinges (for box gratings).

Dimension check for steel gratings
Packing of gratings

4. Finalizing and Inspection:

Once the steel driveway grating is complete, desired surface treatment is applied, such as painting, hot-dip galvanizing, or electroplating. Besides, all the necessary holes are made, and irregularities are fixed after thoroughly inspecting the gratings.

It is ensured that every piece of gratings meets international quality and safety standards and fulfills the client’s grating requirement.

5. Packaging and Shipment:

After the QC team approves the gratings, they are wrapped with high-quality plastic and placed inside a box. The box is then filled with Styrofoam or bubble-wrapped to prevent the grating from damage or unnecessary movement during transportation. The box is then sealed and labeled with the client’s location and other instructions. Finally, our reliable shipping partners ship them to the client’s address.

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The Advantages of Steel Driveway Gratings

Durable, Corrosion Resistant, Rust Proof, Chemical Resistant And Long-Lasting

Slip-Resistant, And Pedestrian Safe

Excellent Drainage Performance, Easy To Install and Clean, And Requires Low Maintenance

Simple, Aesthetically Appealing, And Versatile

Quality Certifications for Steel Driveway Gratings

Applications of Steel Driveway Gratings

Our Steel Driveway Grating is available in different types, materials, and load-bearing capacity, so it can be used in driveways, walkways, sidewalks, and other areas where there is foot traffic, normal vehicle traffic, or heavy traffic. They are also often used in industrial settings to provide an easy passage to drain water as a drainage grating or a safe surface for workers as a trench cover grating.

Our steel driveway gratings are affordable, long-lasting, durable, and easy to maintain that made them an ideal choice for many different applications for our clients worldwide, including countries like Australia, United States, Britain, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Japan, Singapore, Thailand,


FAQs for Steel Driveway Gratings

A:At, all of our steel gratings meet the Chinese Standard YB/T 4001-1998. This standard includes requirements for material, manufacture, performance, and testing. In addition, our steel gratings also meet the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) A36 standard as well as ISO (International Organization for Standardization), British Standard (BS 4592-1987), the American Standard (ANSI/NAAMM MBG531-88), and the Australian Standard (AS 1657-2013).

A:At ChinaGratings, we take great pride in the quality of our steel driveway gratings. We have a strict quality control process that starts with selecting raw materials. We only use high-quality steel for our driveway gratings, and all of our steel is sourced from reputable suppliers. Once the raw materials are selected, we move on to the steel driveway grating manufacturing process. Our skilled workers use advanced equipment to cut and weld the steel into gratings that meet our high standards. We pay close attention to detail at every step of the process to ensure that our gratings are of the highest quality. After the manufacturing process is complete, we test each batch of driveway gratings to ensure they meet our quality standards. We also offer a warranty on all of our products so that you can be confident in the quality of your purchase.

A:There are three types of surface treatments for steel gratings: hot-dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing, and powder coating.

  • Hot-dip galvanizing is to immerse the grating in the molten zinc bath to make a uniform zinc coating on the surface of the steel grating to protect them from corrosion. This is the most common type of surface treatment for steel gratings, as it is effective and relatively inexpensive.
  • Electro-galvanizing is a less common method of surface treatment, in which steel gratings are coated with a layer of zinc using an electrical current. This method is not as effective as hot-dip galvanizing, but it is often used when hot-dip galvanizing is not an option.
  • Powder coating is a process of applying a powdery paint to steel gratings. This type of surface treatment is more expensive than hot-dip galvanizing or electro-galvanizing, but it provides a more durable finish.

A:As a leading steel grating manufacturer in China, ChinaGratings offers a wide range of high-quality and competitively priced steel gratings. Our steel driveway gratings are available in various sizes, thickness, materials, types and specifications to meet your specific grating needs. For pricing information, please get in touch with our sales team.

A:A steel driveway grating is an excellent investment for any home or a business owner. There are many benefits to using steel driveway gratings, including the following:

  • Steel driveway gratings are durable and can withstand heavy traffic.
  • These steel gratings are also low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Steel driveway gratings are slip-resistant, making them a safe choice for use around swimming pools, spas, and other wet areas.
  • They are also slip-resistant, fire-resistant, chemical-resistant and will not rot or decay like other materials.
  • Steel driveway gratings are available in various materials, designs, finishes, and styles to match any home, or business décor or commercial or industrial need.
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