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4 Applications of Hexagonal Wire Mesh

4 Applications of Hexagonal Wire Mesh

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Discover the multifaceted wonders of hexagonal wire mesh, an indispensable material that pervades various industries, including agriculture, construction, industrial, and horticulture. Gain insights into its incredible range of applications and its importance in diverse sectors.

Join us on a journey exploring hexagonal wire mesh’s versatility, durability, and ingenuity.

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1. Basics about hexagonal wire mesh

Hexagonal wire mesh, also known as hex netting or chicken wire, is a type of woven wire mesh made from galvanized or PVC-coated steel wire. It features a hexagonal pattern with evenly spaced openings and is typically used for a wide range of applications due to its flexibility, strength, and affordability.

It is manufactured by weaving or twisting steel wires into a hexagonal shape, resulting in a mesh structure that is stable, yet flexible. The hexagonal pattern provides strength in multiple directions, making it suitable for various applications that require containment, reinforcement, or protection.

2. Agricultural Applications

A. Use of hexagonal wire mesh in crop protection

Hexagonal wire mesh is commonly used in agriculture for crop protection. It serves as a barrier to keep out animals and birds that may damage crops. It is used for fencing around fields, gardens, and orchards to prevent access to pests. It also protects crops from wind and weather conditions, providing a shield against harsh elements.

B. Erosion control

Hexagonal wire mesh is used for erosion control in agricultural fields. It prevents soil erosion on slopes by stabilizing the soil and preventing it from being washed away during heavy rains. It is also used for stabilizing riverbanks and embankments, preventing erosion caused by water currents. Hexagonal wire mesh is used to reinforce retaining walls, preventing soil erosion and maintaining structural stability.

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3. Construction Applications

A. Reinforcement of concrete structures

Hexagonal wire mesh is used as reinforcement in concrete structures such as slabs and walls. It is embedded in the concrete to improve its tensile strength, preventing cracks and enhancing structural stability. It is also used for strengthening road pavements and bridge decks, providing additional support and durability to these structures.

B. Building and infrastructure protection

Hexagonal wire mesh is used for security fencing in construction sites and restricted areas. It prevents unauthorized access to buildings and facilities, ensuring safety and security. It is also used as a barrier to prevent vandalism and theft in construction sites. Additionally, hexagonal wire mesh is used in geotechnical applications, such as soil stabilization and reinforcement, and construction of retaining walls and gabion walls for erosion control.

4. Industrial Applications

Industrial sieving and filteringUsed as screen for sieving and filtering materials in industrial processes. It is able to separate and filter solids of different sizes, allowing for efficient sorting and processing. Besides, filtration of liquids and gases are also allowed.
Animal containment and protectionUsed for containing animals in zoos, farms, and laboratories. It is commonly used to build cages and enclosures to keep animals safe and secure. It is also used to protect industrial equipment from animal damage, preventing animals from accessing and damaging machinery and facilities.
Packaging and transportationUsed as packaging material for fragile items. It provides a protective barrier around delicate objects, avoid getting damaged during transportation. It is also used for reinforcing containers and pallets, providing stability and strength.

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5. Horticultural and Landscaping Applications

A. Support for plants

Hexagonal wire mesh is used as trellises for supporting climbing plants in horticulture. It provides a sturdy framework for plants to grow vertically, supporting their growth and preventing damage. It is commonly used in gardens, nurseries, and greenhouses.

B. Garden and landscape design

Hexagonal wire mesh is used in garden and landscape design for creating decorative features such as garden screens, arbors, and pergolas. It adds an aesthetic appeal to outdoor spaces, creating visually appealing structures. It is also used in landscaping applications such as rock walls, pathways, and water features, adding a functional and decorative element to the design.


Hexagonal wire mesh is a multi-purpose solution for a variety of industries. Its applications span from protection against erosion to reinforcing concrete structures, also widely used in agriculture, construction, and horticulture/landscaping. It is utilized for animal containment and protection, industrial filtering, packaging and transportation, as well as support for plants and gardens.

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